Natascha Sohl

New York, NY United States

Natascha Sohl
Genres:Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Born just outside Paris, Natascha Sohl moved to the UK when she was nine months old. Natascha (who is a twin) has fond memories of her childhood and was a keen horse-rider throughout her teenage years. Studying Film and TV Studies at Brunel University, Natascha started attending music gigs and grew frustrated that she was not on stage performing, so she made a life-changing decision, left Brunel at the end of her first year and enrolled at ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music) in Guildford, where she gained a Higher Diploma in Vocals.

After University, Natascha started her first band and subsequently decided it was time to go it alone. Pulling a team around her, Natascha spent as much time as possible writing, recording and playing live. Having been gigging for a number of years now, she has built up considerable experience, reputation and fan-base along the way and as her reputation built so did the audience and the interest from the industry.

From the time she started to front her first band, Natascha has written her own material and, drawing on personal experiences, she soon had more than enough songs to put together a strong, edgy debut album. In 2003 she signed to independent label, Granite Music. The next step was to record the songs and Natascha worked with a collection of experienced musicians who had previously played with Massive Attack, Moloko, Texas and Tina Turner, amongst others. The result was the album, ‘STRANGE FASCINATION’ – a collection of pop-rock songs about love, life and all the things in between.

The first single release was ‘ARE YOU READY?’, which Natascha performed live at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Music Radio (attended by George Michael, Coldplay and Sir George Martin) in April 2004. She continued to gig frequently, playing in music venues, Universities and Colleges in London and the South of England. She also visited New York in June 2004, playing 5 acoustic gigs at venues including The Living Room, The Bitter End and CBGBs.

Natascha was next invited to take part in the sold-out Young Voices series of children’s concerts at Manchester MEN Arena, the NIA Birmingham, Sheffield Hallam and the Belfast Odyssey, with a further two concerts at Dublin’s Point Theatre at the end of that year. She also contributed a performance to Children in Need and sang the National Anthem in Wembley Arena for a televised sporting event. Her debut album, ‘STRANGE FASCINATION’ was released in November and drew praise and critical acclaim from a broad range of press. Her second single, ‘GIVE IT ALL AWAY’ was released in December 2004. The third single from STRANGE FASCINATION was a re-worked version of ‘FORGIVE ME’ (her only ballad from the album), a stripped-down version accompanied by an unusual video that sees Natascha enter a world of paper cut-outs.

As a result of her visit to New York in June 2004, Natascha was invited to collaborate with A-list American song-writer and producer Russ DeSalvo on tracks for her second album. Work began in July 2005 and Natascha made several more visits to New York that year, writing and recording new material. The first single from this collaboration was “NAKED” – released April 2006. Natascha also visited LA for meetings and returned to New York again in May, June and October 2006 to do further work on the album. In July 2006 she went over to the US to do 3 gigs with a band of American musicians, including an industry showcase in Manhattan and an acoustic support slot for US country star John Hiatt in Rhode Island. She was interviewed on EXPN radio and recorded a performance for Fox Network’s Fearless Music TV, which aired on 30th September. Natascha subsequently topped their online poll for Favourite Artist of the Week by a very large margin. In August 2006 she signed a management deal with Aimee Berger of 2Generations Music Inc., who now represents her. A UK agent is on board and a record deal in LA is on the table also, pending further discussions. Natascha has recently returned from a US tour and a UK festival headline slot and a video shoot in LA are scheduled for this summer.

The new album, to be called “DIRTY LITTLE WORD” is expected to be released in early 2008.

Management : Aimee Berger :
Label : Granite Music :
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