Chrissy Flatt/New Mystery Girl

austin, tx United States

Genres:Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Americana/Western, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop
Bio: "Twist City" is the first album from New Mystery Girl, a band project envisioned by songwriter Chrissy Flatt and abetted by a crew of like minded Austin, Tx rock'n'rollers. Ms. Flatt, known for her previous works "Wings of a Butterfly" and "Walk With Kings", comes out swinging with twelve fresh original songs bringing together influences from 60's girl groups and British invasion pioneers to 70's glam and early punk. Longtime cohorts Eric Hisaw (guitar) and Ron Flynt (bass/keyboards) show up on most tracks alongside drummers Lisa Pankratz and Freddie Steady Krc. Guitarist Eve Monsees lends her stylish licks to a pair of songs and chimes in with the majority of the harmony vocals. Brian Standefer adds his atmospheric cello to a trio of more meditative numbers. At the center of it all are Chrissy's voice, guitar and words.

The album kicks off with "Drop Dead Gorgeous" a romantic ride through the musical turf of Joe Strummer and Joan Jett, then gets Stonesy tuff with the kiss-off crunch of "Dangerous Lines". "Pirate Radio" shuffles into British waters paying tribute more to the spirit of discovery than the rock'n'roll icons it name checks, while "South Pacific Stars" soars in to the sunset. "Staring Down" rides a Yardbird meets Bonanza groove into the Bowie-esque dreamland of "Echoes on the Airwaves". Side two comes on strong with a trio of aggressive tunes, the punkish social commentary of "Heard it All Before", the stalker garage rock stomp of "Twist City" and the rock-a-billy rave-up ode to a reformed wallflower "Sally's Rumble". "Dandelion Roars" quiets down musically while celebrating a free spirited rounder. The philosophical "Gather All the Roses" takes a hypnotic trip in to VU territory before finishing up with the beauty of "Ocean and Moon", a waltz time declaration of love colored with some shimmering pedal steel guitar.

"Twist City" marks a new direction for Chrissy Flatt. Often burdened with the "singer-songwriter" tag and the folky preconceptions it brings, it was time to release a record free of that label. With a willing gang of co-conspirators, twelve killer songs and a gold Gretsch Pro Jet, Ms. Flatt moves forward as New Mystery Girl.
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