Brooklyn, NY United States

New York City Rock 'n Roll
Genres:Country - Contemporary/Pop, Alternative Pop, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: “The Sex Slaves sound like they've just stumbled out of a rat-infested, garbage-strewn alleyway after an all-night binge on drugs, booze, cigarettes, and cheap sex.”

ERIC 13: Vocals & Guitar
DEL CHEETAH: Bass & Vocals
J-BOMB: Big Drums

Since their inception in NYC in 2003, the SEX SLAVES have spent more time on the road than most bands do in their entire career. Their infectious songs and consistently kick-ass performances have served them well, and their reputation for being the baddest, hardest working band on the circuit is well deserved. According to one critic, “Those guys pack more ‘show’ into a small club than most bands pull off in a stadium! It’s truly a $10 ticket, $100 show.”

Some of the rumors are true- like the one about the 300-gig Bite Your Tongue tour being funded entirely by willing female fans in exchange for a little quality time with the band. “It was a win-win situation,” says Del Cheetah. “We got what we wanted, and they got to give it to us.” But is it all work, no play for our boys from Gotham? Not according to Eric 13. “I’ve never actually practiced… I just had to learn to open myself and let the music ooze out.”

The SEX SLAVES’ lust for life has been well documented as they travel the globe like 21st century pirates, sailing under black flags and leaving a slew of stunned concertgoers and broken hearts in their wake. “It’s all in the songs,” says J/Bomb. “If you want blood, come with us- straight to hell in the back of the bus (quoting their new song Bloodlust). We try to commit all seven deadly sins every day, just to stay on our toes.” But that doesn’t mean they’ve shirked their social responsibility. “When you dig deep, underneath the bravado, past the smell of whiskey and illicit sex, you just might find the most politically relevant band of the new millennium.” –J. Arthur

The band recently released Wasted Angel, the follow-up to 2005’s critically acclaimed (and critically despised) Bite Your Tongue. With songs like Long Live the Dead, Sssssay What?, I Live at Night, and Bloodlust leading the way, Wasted Angel is sure to turn a few heads, incite a few riots, and change some lives for the better. Do whatever you have to do to see this band live. It’s not just music- it’s a fucking balls-out rock ‘n roll movement.
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