Paul Alexander

Long Island City, NY United States

Paul Alexander
Bio: Named after Paul Simon, raised on James Taylor, transformed by Nirvana, Paul Alexander’s diverse heritage is clear in his thoughtful and imaginative narratives. Playing guitar since he was thirteen and singing as soon as he could speak, Paul almost immediately started writing and has never stopped.

High school bands led to Indiana University's Tintern Abbey, one of the featured bands on 2002 “Live from Bloomington” CD compilation. After four years fronting Tintern Abbey, Paul graduated into his current stage as a solo artist. Paul's commanding stage presence and lyrical savvy combines electrifying songwriting in the rock, funk and folk idioms, creating a most eclectic patchwork sound. But having achieved powerful lyrical and vocal chops is not enough; Paul Alexander aspires to make his own distinct mark on the world.

Since arriving in New York in August of 2003, Paul Alexander has been seeking his niche in the city’s noteworthy music scene. After exploring showcases and open mics across the city, Paul quickly became a fixture of several prestigious New York City clubs, including CB’s 313 and the Knitting Factory. He was invited several times to participate in the Midwest Music Summit showcases and was frequently asked to guest host a groundbreaking New York City open mic at the thriving Upper East Side locale DTUT. Increasingly, audiences, fellow songwriters, and music industry reps were singing Paul's praises, as well as his infectious songs.

In January 2007, he was the cover story in the illustrious East Village acoustic music publication, Urban Folk, and has become a columnist for the paper. This is just one of the ways he has given back to the New York musical scene. Paul Alexander is celebrating the second anniversary of his own weekly open mic in the blossoming Long Island City, offering fellow performers a chance to share even more of their talent as part of weekly showcases he books.

Among other endeavors (briefly hosting a Sunday Starbucks Music Series in Brooklyn, supporting fellow musicians on 12-string guitar), Paul Alexander and his new band continue to regularly play NYC clubs such as the Baggot Inn, the Knitting Factory, Pianos, and the Living Room. Paul recently released Despite Everything You’ve Planned, his debut album, produced by Benjy King (Jeff Jacobson, Live, Scandal) and mastering engineer Scott Hull (Ani DiFranco, Bruce Springstein, Elvis Costello, Garbage, John Mayer), while under the tutelage of celebrated vocal coach Don Lawrence (Bono, Billy Joel, Jon Bon Jovi, Mick Jagger). Evermore optimistic for what tomorrow holds, Paul Alexander is anxious to share his newest material and musical collaborations with the world – and beyond…
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