Craig Bancoff

Merion Station, PA United States

Genres:Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Eden. As in the Garden of. The place we wish we could get to. The place that must exist somewhere. Craig's new album takes us to the outskirts of a place called Eden. Its familiar faces and characters you know you have seen but who don't necessarily have a name. As the music in Eden washes over you, Craig's emotion packed delivery is as desperate as it is cathartic. No need for expensive psychotherapy here; just take a listen to some of the tunes on Eden and the endorphins will make your problems melt.

Mix 5 parts Jewish and 5 parts Irish Catholic and you get 13 parts diverse Craig Bancoff. With roots in western Pennsylvania's coal mines, you get the grit and struggles of Springsteen's working man. With his harmonies and dazzling melodies, you get a bit of the early Beatles simple yearning. Throw in Craig's multilayered intelligence and a staunch belief in truth, you get a free trip to this town just outside of where we all wish we could get to…Eden.
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