Mr. Green

New Brunswick, NJ United States

Mr. Green is a self taught hip hop composer / beat
maker from Central New Jersey who takes a straight
forward approach to his music. In just three short
years, he has made a name for himself by following
his simple model "if it's a good beat, you can feel
it in your chest, and it will make you want to knod
your head". Though a relative new comer to the hip
hop world, he has already been compared with veteran
producers such as The Rza, Just Blaze, The Alchemist,
and the legendary DJ Premier. Starting out as DJ, Mr.
Green's first official production credit came at the
end of 2006 on C Rayz Walz album "The Dropping". The
song, "Childhood", although released on an indie label,
was major because it featured the platinum Hasidic Jewish
reggae artist Matisyahu. In 2008, Mr. Green would release
his first full length album with underground legend, and
former Eminem associate Pacewon. The album "The Only
Color That Matters is Green" is considered to be one
of the best hip hop albums released in 2008.

Aside from his work in the hip hop industry, Mr.
Green is also well known in the action sports world
for contributing high energy beats to various bmx /
skateboarding videos . His music was recently
featured in prominent parts of both, Zoo York's
"State of Mind" and Transworld's "Insight".

Here is what the critics are saying:

"A Master of the Chop"

"Bangers.." -XXL Magazine

"Mr. Green... The New Generation Primo"

"Keeping Hip Hop Classic"

"Startlingly Consistent"

"The classic, dusty, dry New Jersey sound"

"Producer, Beat Maker, DJ.. Musical Wonder" -
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