costa mesa, CA United States

Genres:Alternative Pop, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Satisfaction drinks Maker’s Mark and ginger ale. It’s an irrelevant fact, but they reckon the drink is tasty, saucy and it makes you do things you don’t normally do. So do their songs. Chances are the music sounds like what they foursome heard on the radio growing up, mixed with the more obscure influences that come from being deep-digging music nerds: Blonde Redhead playing Fleetwood Mac, The Blood Brothers playing Steely Dan, Devo playing Harry Nilsson, or Plastic Ono Band playing Wings. Catchy and occasionally off-beat songs about killing the devil, drinking on strangers’ tabs, and aliens taking your friends away are the result of a no-constraint group song-writing process.

“…This has translated into a batch of extremely well-crafted mid-temp songs. There’s regret and poignancy and strength and quiet determination and staring-into-the-face-of-a-problem and dignity and decorum and responsibility and bittersweetness…”
-Alison Rosen, OC Weekly

2008 saw the self-release (what is a record label?) of the band’s second EP, Cougars, Sharks & Flying Sparks. The songs jumped straight onto 3 of LA’s Indie 103.1 programs and immediately found homes on most of your guilty pleasure reality TV shows (The Hills, Flipping Out, Celebrity Rehab, Real World,…) The band continue to develop a loyal following on the West Coast and beyond and want to be that band that other bands reference in bios, have a greatest hits record in 2016 with 10 hits on it, and buy their own island and put a studio on it.
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