Gift Shop

Brooklyn, NY United States

Genres:Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Gift Shop’s second CD "Always Everywhere" features 11 songs designed to stick in your head and stay there. Homemade in a dusty basement in Brooklyn, New York, the CD was crafted over 3 years with the aid of a grumpy, old iMac called “The Muthaship.” Catchy melodies, solid rhythms and anthemic changes set the backdrop for songs about Elian Gonzales levitating, the mystery of the double helix, life on auto-pilot, the mind of a newborn, feeling your way in the dark, war, birth, love, death and the foibles of a particularly grating U.S. President.

Gift Shop has been performing together at clubs around New York City for 10 years. Their music is fermented in ancient casks of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Van Halen, soaked in baths of Rush, Elvis Costello, XTC, and seasoned with some fresh sprigs of Wilco, Guided by Voices and the Foo Fighters. Their live performances are sweaty, silly, solid and powerful, the result of 4 good friends who enjoy playing music together. When Will changes from work shoes to sneakers, hold on to your hats cause the massive drumbeat may knock you over. When Matty makes crazy guitar sounds while simultaneously making lewd hand gestures, well, just look away. When Matt lays down the fat, silky bass lines of the Barney Miller theme song it’ll make you think Abe Vigoda is in the room. And when Henry’s guitar shredding causes him to break all his strings at once you’ll know the rock and roll is in full effect.
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