1) Gregory Davis; 2) Drakon Myth

Boulder, CO United States

Genres:New Age, Ambient Soundscapes, Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - Horror/Suspense, World - Native American
Bio: Gregory has been formally trained in music with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano, graduating from Illinois Wesleyan University. He has been writing, producing, recording, and performing music for over thirty years and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. His musical background includes Classical, Rock, Pop, Electronic, New Age and Native American. Gregory started his music career in Los Angeles working in radio by day and performing with a local original rock music band by night. Soul Catcher Music began in 2000 as a way to further the music and artistic endeavors. Gregory's music has received airplay on a multitude of domestic and international radio stations and has engaged in several licensing opportunies generated by Getty Images Music
(previously called Pump Audio). Additional details can be found at www.soulcatchermusic.com.
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