Jim Ferguson

Santa Cruz, CA United States

Bio: Described by Just Jazz Guitar Magazine as “a wonderful composer and a multi-faceted virtuoso guitar player,” Jim Ferguson is a college music professor and the author of several acclaimed jazz guitar instruction books, including All Blues For Jazz Guitar and All Blues Soloing For Jazz Guitar. A former editor of Guitar Player Magazine, Jim is profiled in Maurice J. Summerfield’s The Jazz Guitar—Its Evolution, Its Players and Personalities Since 1900. He also penned the column Fundamental Perspectives for Great Britain's Classical Guitar Magazine and is the editor of a series of books issued by Guitar Solo Publications and devoted to studies by Leo Brouwer, Fernando Sor, and Mateo Carcassi. In 1994 he was nominated for a Grammy Award for annotating Fantasy Records’ 12-CD set Wes Montgomery: The Complete Riverside Recordings. Jim's two solo recordings—Cedar & Silver and Moonstone—feature his own compositions, which reflect world, jazz, classical, and other influences. Jim resides in Santa Cruz, California. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Mills College in Oakland, California; his thesis was based on the composition Segoviana by Darius Milhaud.
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