Michael Tushaus

Las Vegas, NV United States

Genres:Funk, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - Promo Music, Specialty - Military/Marches, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Horror/Suspense, Specialty - Cinematic, Specialty - Americana/Western, Specialty - Action/Adventure, World - Middle Eastern, Latin - Tango, Latin - Salsa
Bio: Emmy-nominated & Global Music Award-winning Composer, Michael Tushaus, offers a unique blend of Electronic and Symphonic music. Michael has scored for feature films, short films, commercials, television, web series and his library of royalty-free music has been licensed for hundreds of productions all around the world.

Michael's studio utilizes the best in virtual instrument libraries, and all music is written, orchestrated, performed, sequenced & mixed into 24 bit/44.1khz WAV masters, and can be converted to any file format needed including mp3's, AIFF, 5.1 Dolby Digital, and more.


Music Licensing
2004 to Present
Hundreds of Music Licenses for film, videos, websites (including CollegeHumor.com), theatrical shows, commercials, industrials, promos, documentaries, tributes, and many other forms of media all around the globe.

Prairie Books & Gifts (Original Score)
2013, Commercial Campaign
*Nominated for an Emmy, 2014

Territory 8 (Original Score)
2014, Feature Film
*Winner, Global Music Award - Feature Score, 2013

Rhythm (Original Music)
2014, Short Film

Aubrey Evans Modeling Video (Original Music)
2013, Model/Glamour Video

World According to Ninja (Original Score)
2013, Animated Series

X-mas Dubstep (Original Arrangement)
2013, Christmas Lights Display/Viral Video

Dark Carnival (Original Music)
2014, Burlesque Act

Comicality Project (Music)
2014, Comedy Web Channel Series

World Fishing Network (Original Music)
2014, World Fishing Journal Segments

Alex (Original Score)
Book Trailer, 2014

Ceiling (Original Score)
2013, Short Film

Famous Last Words (Original Score)
2013, Feature Film

Flashy Thingy (Original Score & Sound Design)
2012, Original Score & Sound Design for the Flashy Thingy iPhone App & five promo commercials,
available on the App Store on iTunes.

The Adventures of Loop & Rhett (Sound Design & Mixing, Trailer & Spec Music)
2011, Sound Design & Mixing and Trailer & Spec Music for the award-winning short film.

Ludere (Original Score)
2011, 45-minute original score for a cirque-style live show set to release on a cruise line in 2012.
Link to Listen: http://www.reverbnation.com/michaeltushaus

After Ever After (Soundtrack)
2011 Comedy Short Film

Guardian Angel (Original Score & Sound Design)
2009, Original score and sound design to the short horror/thriller film, "Guardian Angel."

PIE (Original Music & Sound Design)
2011, Original Music & Sound Design for the award-winning short film.

Whatever It Takes (Original Score)
2009, Original score to the award-winning short film.

The Adventures of Horatio (Original Score)
2008, A Spoof Trailer in the style of Robert Rodriguez, Grindhouse films.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Original Score)
2007, Live Stage Play

The Initiation (Original Score)
2007, Short Film

Louder Than Words (Original Score)
1998, Live 45-minute Play.

Carrion (Original Score)
1997, Live Play, "Carrion."

Dracula (Original Score)
1994, Radio Drama

Albums: (aka 'Digisphere')
Inner Melody
Aspiring Hero
Shadows of Love
Symphony Cake Vol.I
Symphony Cake Vol. II
Ludere - Original Soundtrack
Music for Halloween & Horror
Film & TV Music, Vol. 1
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