Dan Leigh

College Station, TX United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Dan Leigh's career began when multi-platinum producer/musican Scott Mathews offered to produce his first album. Dan jumped at the chance and soon after recorded his debut album "The Shortest Life" which was released in 2004. Equal parts textured and melodic, the album has gradually found many fans, including indie filmmakers and music supervisors. Dan's songs tend to follow conventional song structure, but tend to have unconventional instrumentation. It's not unusual to find an african thumb piano or a squeezebox on one of Dan's tracks. Although, Dan makes use of conventional instruments also and you'll often hear Hammond organs and synthesizers as well as various electric and acoustic guitars. Dan has branched out somewhat since then, and has been recording production music in addition to his singer/songwriter material. A multi-instrumentalist and trained sound engineer, Dan is able to record and mix high-quality production music himself but he prefers to collaborate on his singer/songwriter albums. That's why he recorded his "Meaningful Nonsense EP" in 2007 with Scott Mathews and Tom Luekens. That EP has the same textured nuance as "The Shortest Life" but with a more epic feel.

Dan's music can be heard in the following films and TV shows:

"Killing Holly"
Feature Film by Good Luck Pictures

"Pack a Lunch!"
Short film directed by Vince Foster

"Hamptons Cabby"
Documentary TV Pilot by Taxi Cab Productions
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