Patient Calm

toronto, ontario Canada

Patient Calm a.k.a. Robert Pal
Genres:Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - Big Beat, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative
Bio: One of Robert's first encounters with music was at the age of 12, upon receiving a guitar as a birthday gift from his parents. Unfortunately, it collected dust faster than he could play it. At the time his ambitions were to pursue a career as a computer graphic designer. Therefore, the drive to learn guitar wasn't as strong as his passion for visual arts.

So at the age of 19, music began to haunt him yet again. This was a definite sign that he should do something about it. He came to a conclusion that he should follow his musical path. After a two year dedication to school he graduated with a diploma in Sound Technology in 2005 from the International Academy of Design and Technology, also known as Toronto Film School. Soon after, just to add to his already gained knowledge he graduated with a certificate in Web and Graphic Design. As well as, to top it off he just recently had one of his photographs titled 'Resting on a Leaf' published in a manuscript by Photo laureates, which can be viewed on their website.

After finishing school, he started to explore various musical styles ranging from hip hop to rock to electronic. He also started going to more concerts than his pockets could handle, just to generate ideas and infuse them with ones he already possessed. Seeing live bands such as; Linkin Park, Tool, Sam Roberts, Zero 7, The Offspring, Broken Social Scene, Cold Cut, 311, Buck 65, Kottonmouth Kings, k-os, Kid Beyond, Imogen Heap, and KMFDM have influenced him even more so.

He began experimenting with music production, composing different styles of music using software such as; Pro Tools, Logic, Project 5, and Acid. Honing his skills to a level which he feels are up to par with professional standards, he is now taking his work to the public eye. His current projects include recording demos for up and coming artists, and continuing on with creating his own solo project.
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