North Hollywood, CA United States

Bio: The band’s influences – Queen, The Beatles, XTC - include eccentrics from rock’s classic era, but RIPLEY's sound has a decidedly 21st century ring.
“an attention getter with a killer voice” 

Songwriter/guitarist/lead vocalist Alice Ripley received the 2009 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical (as Diana in the Pulitzer Prize winning NEXT TO NORMA),, and also earned Tony and Drama Desk nominations for her performance in the cult hit SIDE SHOW.  In 2001, Sh-K-Boom records released her critically acclaimed "Everything's Fine" - a mix of pop, folk and jazz that showcases haunting lyrics in a song cycle of soft-core suburban hell.  With the newly sharpened edge of RIPLEY’s latest offering, “Outtasite”, the music rocks hard and cuts the figure of an attention-getter with a killer voice.    

Rock solid drummer Shannon Ford has performed, recorded and toured with a starry list of artists, including Paul Simon, Danny Gatton and Bob Dylan. 

Christopher Schelling is a new wave throwback whose keyboard styles range from "car alarm" to the ever-popular "Chopsticks".  RIPLEY is the only band who would ever have him.                    


RIPLEY - "OUTTASITE" - (unsigned, 2006)
RIPLEY IS "Punk influenced pop music that heartily follows and believes in the Golden Rule. Hooks and melody above all, forever and ever, Amen. RIPLEY is bloody infectious and if there was any justice in the world they'd be all over national radio, topping the charts, filling arenas and making a fortune from the filthy pit-fall filled ‘business’ of rock-n-roll.
- Tim Mass Movement 7/07
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