Southampton, MA United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Specialty - Promo Music, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic
Bio: Hooked is a new but old western Massachusetts based rock group that has had quite a history behind them. The group's members have come back together after 15 years of not seeing each other since they toured and performed countless shows as Naughty in the early 90's.With the 4 original members back in the same room, it did not take long for the chemistry they had back then to fall right into place. Reunited in the summer of 2006, Hooked began writing tracks immediately and found themselves in the studio creating their debut release Play What You Feel. The debut was released on June 21, 2007 and has been making a signifigant amount of noise on the local scene. The CD is very diverse and covers manu different sounds and writing styles. It is sure to have something for everyone.
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