Greta Gertler

Brooklyn, NY United States

Greta Gertler & Adam D. Gold of The Universal Thump.  Photo by Vincent Douglas.
Genres:Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Cinematic
Bio: THE UNIVERSAL THUMP - is a new Brooklyn-based ensemble led by GRETA GERTLER (piano, voice, arrangements, production) and ADAM D GOLD (drums, guitar, voice, percussion, arrangements, recording, production). "Nos Mos Pollex Vos Per Nostrum Sanus" (We will thump you with our sounds) .... THE UNIVERSAL THUMP recently mixed 'Chapters 2 & 3' of their eponymous album with the incredible BRYCE GOGGIN (Pavement, Joan As Policewoman) and they will be released in early 2011. The Universal Thump also performed George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" at THE BELL HOUSE on NOVEMBER 29, in full, orchestral pop mode with strings, horns, 2 drummers and of course, many guitars, plus a HUGE line-up of special guest vocalists..... Born of a whale-less whale-watching expedition to Canada, and inspired at least a little by Melville's “Moby Dick,” THE UNIVERSAL THUMP is a search for space, survival and triumph in song. Each song occupies its own, unique landscape in which a world of sound and story unfold. At this universe’s center is The Whale; the guiding creature and mentor in this orchestral pop expedition. Or, are we and the band in the beast’s belly, riding the oceans in a musical big white taxi? .... Since its inception, THE UNIVERSAL THUMP has toured the USA, Europe and Australia, previewing songs from the album at venues such as The Bell House (Brooklyn), Barbes (Brooklyn), Joe’s Pub (NYC), The Basement (Sydney), The Vanguard (Sydney), De Nieuwe Anita (Amsterdam), and Schokoladen (Berlin). .... Greta and Adam began working on the eponymous first The Universal Thump album in late-2008 in Adam’s basement studio. Recording underground near the notoriously murky and lively Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, the pair thrived among its unusual creatures and the sounds from its depths. But quickly, the founding duo realized their new project was in fact a much bigger animal than just the two of them could rein. So in December 2009, THE UNIVERSAL THUMP openly sought financial support from its fans to help widen the scope of the band, to expand the album and to keep swimming forward. What resulted was an outpouring of love and generosity from hundreds of music fans around the globe, as well as from some of the most remarkable denizens of the New York music scene. .... GRETA's PREVIOUS ALBUMS AVAILABLE on iTUNES & CD BABY: ....EDIBLE RESTAURANT (2007) .. .... .... THE BABY THAT BROUGHT BAD WEATHER (2003) .. .... .... NERVOUS BREAKTHROUGHS (featuring PECCADILLO).. .... .. ....
THE UNIVERSAL THUMP TEAM: .... GRETA GERTLER (piano, voice, co-producer).... ADAM D GOLD (drums, guitar, voice, percussion, field recordings, engineer, co-producer).... ROY NATHANSON (alto sax).... BYRON ISAACS(double bass).... BARNEY McALL (organ).... JONATHAN MARON (electric bass).... JON DRYDEN (string arrangements, celeste, keys).... PETE GALUB (guitar).... KEN THOMSON (sax sculpture).... RACHELLE GARNIEZ (accordion).... JOHN ELLIS (woodwinds, tenor sax).... MATT MUNISTERI (hollow-bodied guitar).... J. WALTER HAWKES (trombone).... CLINT NEWMAN (electric guitar).... NOAH SIMON (string arrangements).... SEAN SONDEREGGER (horn arrangements, bass clarinet, clarinet, sax).... ALDEN BANTA (bassoon).... ZACH BROCK (violin).... WILLIAM 'BEAVER' BAUSCH (drums).... MATTHEW STAUFFER (tuba).... OREN BLOEDOW (guitar).... ED HABER (piano engineering).... LOUIS SCHWADRON (French horn).... MARIA JEFFERS (cello).... BETH MEYERS (viola).... YUKI NAMATA (violin).... MARISA KUNEY (violin).... CHUCKY (himself).... and more to be announced soon!
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