The Safes

Park Ridge, IL United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: "Atomic Pop"
-David Fricke, Rolling Stone

“The trio has built a large following in their native Chicago with infectious, guitar-driven power pop. Fueled by a strong family chemistry, The Safes make smart, melodic music that would fit comfortably with Elephant Six bands like Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel and Elf Power.”

"Old-fashioned, fuzzed-out power pop"
-Washington Post

"As long as massive hooks, power chords, singalong choruses, and sweet brotherly harmonies ring out over boomboxes and iPod earbuds, there will always be an exalted place for songs like these."
-Andy Whitman, Paste Magazine

"Chicago power-pop band-- centered around a trio of multi-instrumentalist brothers-- craft well-executed songs.”
-Nate Patrin, Pitchfork

"“A spitfire band of Irish brothers who are Chicago’s answer to The Kinks. They have mastered the ground between garage rock snarl and explosive power pop with a handful of nationally acclaimed records and a raucous, buzzed about live show. It’s a big, thrilling sound built to bore into your head, and stick there. ”
-Chris March, New Haven Register

"'Well, Well, Well' marks a move away from The SAFES' grittier beginnings and toward the more melodic pop sensibility favored by the likes of Fountains of Wayne and The Raconteurs' Brendan Benson"
-Jonathan Perry, Boston Globe

”… garage-kissed powerpop”
-Bill Picture, San Francisco Chronicle

"Chicago's The Safes are out to conquer America the old-fashioned way — one city at a time. This trio of brothers channels the raw energy of '60s-style soul through modern power-pop song structures, with tunes built on fiery riffs and fierce hooks. The Safes' sweat-inducing live shows earn rave reviews, but their efforts in the studio are also inspiring."
-Brian Lee, Hartford Courant

"The SAFES makes sugary pop-rock that seems like it would fit right in on mainstream radio."
-TimeOut New York

"Wild and crazy, family style"
-Chicago Tribune
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