Rony B.

Santa Ponsa, Islas Baleares Spain

tarod smooth jazz & more
Genres:Easy Listening, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz
Bio: Ronald Brand (producer /keyboards)
Born in Hamburg, Rony has been living in Mallorca since 1996. Before moving here he worked in recording studios all over Europe an of course live on stage, with numerous internationally known artists. He has not only played classical music but his international experience has meant that for many years he has also played popular music not just for radio, shows, galas and playbacks but also performing with many famous singers and their many different styles. It would be hard to find a pianist as versatile as Rony especially with the aid and technology of his latest keyboard adapting and producing a vast arrangement of magical sounds.

Tara Reinoss (singer)
Born in Patagonia Tara has been living in Spain since 1989. Tara trained and studied at the Roayl Academy, graduating as a vocal coach. She then went on perform in shows/gigs in London. During her stay in Barcelona she formed part of the first ragga murphy group in Spain. In 1998 while living in Mallorca, Tara learned up with Rony ,who complemented her sensual voice and it´s passionate power and together they formed „tarod“.

our guestmusicians:

Norbert Fimpel (saxophonist)
An internationally recognized musician. Norbert has been living in Mallorca since 2002, captivating aidiences with his talents. Prior to this he performed for 12 yearas with many prestigious musican, Alejandro Lerner and Roger Hudgson (Supertramp), to name but two. In 2003 and 2004 he was booked for „nokia night of the proms“ whre he performed with Joe Cocker to then go on and join him for the world Tour 2005/06 & for the summer Tour 2007. Miraculously he found time in his very busy schedule to join and delight us.

Günther Moll (electric guitar)
The Munich Orchestar music man! Günter moved to Mallorca in 1996. For many years Günter worked with a variety of famous names, Georgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Peter Maffay, NanaMouskouri, Audrey Landers as a few examples. His accolades also include winning gold discs for composing some of Elton John´s themes. Since living here Günter has continued to produce music for numerous artists, so we were thrilled knowing that all his experience would embellish us.

Carlos Lambertini (spanish guitar)
Born in Argentina has been living in Spain for the past 20 years. He previously won many competions in Argentina for his classical flare. Carlos has been played, performed and worked with an impressionable list of famous artists. Antonio Vega, Chenoa, Tomeo Peña, Emilio Aragon, Maria Marta Serra Lima, He continues to produce and perform with many excellent artits and agents.

Cacho Montes (percussion)
Argentina, Brasil, USA, Africa y Europa – a summary of the styles of music that thos talented and versatile musician can play. His experience compiles of jazz,funk,and latin with such artists as Ro
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