The Nadas

Chicago, IL United States

The Nadas
Bio: The average person changes careers every five to seven years, so it’s astonishing that The Nadas have been touring for twelve. "A lot of bands don't stay together for more than twelve weeks," jokes Mike Butterworth, singer, guitarist and co-founder of the band. When asked why The Nadas have persevered, Jason Walsmith, the band’s other co-founder, singer and guitarist says, "We love it. And we're pretty pig-headed." The Nadas are rounded out by Justin Klein on drums and Jon Locker on bass.

The Nadas have carved a thriving career out of what was once their college pastime, consistently filling clubs and colleges across the country. They’ve sold more than 75,000 albums through their own label, Authentic Records. Listen Through The Static is their fifth studio album and seventh overall. They chose to work again with producers Todd and Toby Pipes (Deep Blue Something) and mixed by Grammy Award-winning Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Loretta Lynn). "We had such a great time working with the Pipes. We knew we wanted to do this record and with them as well." Butterworth explains. "We (Mike and Jason) wrote collaboratively most of the songs on Static," Walsmith adds. "We hadn't written together that much in the past and wanted to try it. Thankfully, it worked well." The collaboration on the album resulted in a more cohesive and straight ahead rock-and-roll record than past releases.

Listen Through The Static features eleven new tracks, the explosive title track telling a story about today's struggle to find something palatable on the radio. Listen Through The Static is by far The Nadas’ finest effort to date.
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