puicheric, langudoc rouissillon France

Dawn, it's not really cold in here!
Bio: I LOVE POP are a 3 piece electro pop band. Dawn lives in London, Pete in France & Ralf in Germany. All 3 are songwriters who met while working together with another artist. Dawn Joseph & Pete Kearney have both had songs covered by successful artists across Europe & Japan, from Aurora and Dina Carrol to Atomic Kitten. Ralf Hildenbeautel is a celebrated German electronica producer who worked on the reknowned Eye Q series of underground dance tracks and has his own electro label Schallbau, based in Frankfurt.
Together, their little love object 'I Love Pop' plays music for people who've given up on pop music. Fresh & intimate with the coolest electro sounds. One of their fans asked if Dawn could come and live in his ear! Find out why....
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