The Professors

La Mesa, CA United States

The Professors: a trippy mix of bass, drums and electric guitar accentuated by an unexpected mix of horns and bongos
Genres:Ska, Jazz - Latin , Jazz - Fusion, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Surf, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop , Latin - Jazz
Bio: The Professors seem destined to take surf guitar music in a direction that defies the very genre as it seeks to define it. Much like Sergio Leone reinvented the Western in the '60s, The Professors often eschew the traditional surf sound (twangy guitars and Fender amps with lots of reverb) for humbuckers and marshall amps. They aim to recapture the original intent of surf music— instrumental rock and roll songs that go hand in hand with a great day of surfing. They do it with a wit and wisdom that makes them stand apart as a truly original new band.

"The Spaghetti Western redefined what a Western was," says guitarist Todd Everett. "It broke all of the clichés–you no longer had good guys in white and bad guys in black. The good guys were ugly and sometimes the bad guys won. We want to do that with surf music– how much can we take away and still call it surf? Let's get rid of the super clean amps and whammy bars. Lets not play 'that' drum beat. What will inspire people on the waves or sound great in a surf movie?"

Blending classics with originals the Professors offer a unique performance that is fun to listen to and watch: their set blends a fantastic selection of rare surf covers and bold originals. Each new song is a surprise departure from the one before. The smooth electricity of "Jet Set Lounge" contrasts perfectly with the ethereal highs and heavy crescendos of "Undertow". Then it's off to the races with the double-o spy themed "Mr. Incredible" and rockabilly roust "Electromatic". For some special spice, throw in some roots-of-rock-and-roll renditions of "Pipeline", "Apache", "Walk Don't Run" along with some surprise selections from The James Gang and Booker T. and the MGs.

These guys are so awesome to watch. They lend their unique style to every aspect of their performance: professional, sophisticated, energetic and on the edge. Is it Radiohead-ish Ventures or Duane Eddy styled AC/DC? With their ever present surf tone creating sometimes heavy, sometimes light and airy, fantastic voyage adventures, the Professors promise to be the band to watch.
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