Kristoffer Claude Benoit

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Mount Kinabalu
Bio: Kristoffer Claude Benoit crafts his songs from the groove up. His rhythms have a unique feel, relatively uncommon to other rock bands. He embraces the spaces between the notes that a good rhythm can sustain and uses them to layer melodies with energy and skill.

Performances are at times layed back and trippy, at others hard hitting with catchy starts and stops both used to hook in the audience.

He uses his height (6'5") to draw attention with unique movement and poses and has been known to project home made animations behind him at certain venues.

He has pooled musicians with unique styles and experience to help catch the listeners ear and attention.

With a background in jazz guitar and trumpet from the age of thirteen he has progressed from basement rocker to recording engineer and composer.

After graduating from the academy of production and recording arts, he has created; sound design for various theatre productions, effects and original music for video, and has obtained live mixing experience by touring with Woodpigeon to the UK in 2007.

- 2008 featured on CBC news with Calgary music lives here.

- 2007 received 2nd Runner up in Calgary folk music festival ship and anchor songwriting competition. "Best song by a newcomer"

- Airplay on local station Fuel 90.3

With a group of talented musicians to back him up he has commenced recording Sink Or Swim. An EP that is sure to win over fans of this unique genre.
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