Jon Seltzer

Los Angeles, CA United States

Sensitve guy plays guitar
Bio: Jon Seltzer, born and raised in Boston but a California resident for over fifteen years, has been writing, performing, and recording music since he was old enough to press record on his first cassette player. Though a proficient improviser on the many instruments found in his childhood home, once he got his hands on a guitar, it was all over. Early influences such as the Beatles, James Taylor, CSNY and Jonathan Edwards gave way to his inner rocker when he discovered the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Led Zeppelin. Armed with a cheap Peavey electric guitar, a twenty-dollar amplifier, and a burning desire to shred and shred hard, Jon found his rock and roll legs with his first high school band, beginning what has become a lifelong search for the ultimate groove. Twenty-five some odd years later Jon now resides in Los Angeles and has amassed a cherished treasure chest of musical memories, playing and recording with all manner of musicians, from folk to funk, reggae to rock, blues to bluegrass, bringing with him to each experience a love for music, and a commitment to the power and beauty it holds. And he still loves to shred. Hard.
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