Brooklyn, NY United States

Bio: "Not unlike the melting pot that Brooklyn-based Zigmat calls home, the band's debut release blends cultures and enigmatic styles. Over an unwavering trip-hop base, "Sound of Machines" kneads in a dash of rock and pop flair and has already inspired comparisons to such established trip-hop acts as Massive Attack, Air and Goldfrapp." Lara Marsman, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

“Zigmat's music is edgy, rockin’, melodic and dreamy. It's a wonderful fusion that's makes for great energy in their recordings and on stage,” DJ Raul Campos, KCRW

"Light of the Moon" is a bad-ass (and slightly sadistic) tune- about medicating your {mangled?} heart and then making love by the light of the moon. Bewitching indeed." -Faith-Ann Young, RCRD LBL
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