Reverend Zen

Katonah, NY United States

Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon by Reverend Zen
Genres:Pop - Adult Contemporary
Bio: REVEREND ZEN - AAA/Rock/Blues/Jazz
2011/12 ASCAP Plus Award - NYC
2010/11 ASCAP Plus Award - NYC
2010 Semi Finalist Award UK Song Contest - London
2009/10 ASCAP Plus Award - NYC
2009/10 Best Artist Nominees ABC Radio's Fame Game Effigy Awards - Spain
2009/10 Best Song Nominees ABC Radio Networks Fame Games Effigy Awards - Spain
5 Finalist Awards 2009/10 ABC Radio's Fame Games Effigy Awards - Spain
2009 Semi Finalist Awards UK Song Contest - London
2009 Semi Finalist Award Australia Song Contest - Sydney
2008/09 ASCAP Plus Award - N.Y.C.
2008/09 Artist of the Year Nominees ABC Radio's Fame Games Effigy Awards - Spain
2008/09 Best Song Nominees ABC Radio's Fame Games Effigy Awards - Spain
7 Finalist Awards 2008/09 ABC Radio's Fame Games Effigy Awards - Spain
2008/09 Finalist Unisong International Song Contest - L.A.
2008 Artist of the Year Denver's Golden Wave Music Awards - Denver
2008 Best Song Nominee Los Angeles Music Awards - L.A.
2008 Best Song Nominee Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards - Toronto
2008 Finalist France's 100% Song Contest - Paris
2008 Semi Finalist UK Song Contest - London
2008 Semi Finalist Australia Song Contest - Sydney
2007/08 Best Song ABC Radio's Fame Games Effigy Awards - Spain
5 Finalist Awards 2007/08 ABC Radio's Fame Games Effigy Awards
2007/08 ASCAP Plus Award Winner - N.Y.C.
2007/08 Finalist Unisong International Song Contest - L.A.
2007 Artist of the Year Los Angeles Music Awards - L.A.
4 Best Song Nominations 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards
2007 Artist of the Year WCH Radio - St. Louis
2006 Bronze Artist Award RGW Radio - Norfolk, U.K.
2006 Finalist VH1 Song of the Year Contest - Houston

Since the release of it's debut album, Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon, New York's Reverend Zen has received seventy music industry awards spanning a six year period.

Seamlessly blending rock, jazz and blues into their own singular vision VH1's Song of the Year Contest comments, “Listening to these songs you’re drawn in by their unique, vivid mirrors of human nature and emotion. Their lyrics and arrangements have the power to make you remember both the songs and their performances. This music is straight from the heart, with stand out guitar that’s perfectly executed and first rate production.”

You’ll hear this dedication and attention to detail in each exacting lyric and every well executed chord change. “Bandleader Jack Evans blends strong song writing with obviously accomplished musicianship.” remarks Rich Lepescu of Nebula Music Magazine. These are always timeless qualities in music. Reverend Zen not only reminds us of Steely Dan’s cleverness and listen ability, along with a healthy dose of the blues, but they also touch upon the catharsis of introspection heralded by the singer/songwriters. These traits and more are evident on the band’s slamming shuffle “The Boston Shakedown”, with its roguish twists and turns, and in the dark beauty of love lost on “Don’t Try To Tell Me” and “The One In Love”.

Reverend Zen’s musical credentials are beyond question. The group’s musicians have a history of playing with the music greats, ranging from John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen to Stevie Wonder, Sheryll Crow, Donald Fagen, John Scofield, Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin and Aretha Franklin. The band’s sound pays tribute to these influences, but also pushes musical boundaries mixing the funk laden wit of “Bad Attitude” and the burning “Boy Genius,” with the classic rock sound of “Magdalena” and it’s angelic folk tale of love found.

“Our influences span several genres,” says Evans, who names Miles Davis, James Brown, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Bob Dylan, Sting and Claude Debussy among their favorites. “Still all of them inspire us with their spirit, eloquence and craft. They all seem to express themselves with conviction and humanity.” he concludes. Strands of Debussy and Mitchell can be heard flowing through Reverend Zen’s impressionistic ballad of love in question, “Only A Fool”, with the band again bridging musical idioms.

Such rich musical backgrounds coupled with their distinctive writing has helped Reverend Zen gain a reputation for thought provoking lyrics and no holds barred rhythms. Those qualities are never more evident than on their rocking, Enquirer like tales of an amusing psychotic “My Sigmund Freud” and “Her Love”, their haunting portrait of a woman’s emotional damage. It’s music for the thinking man’s head.

Resumes and platitudes aside Reverend Zen’s true genius lies in its music. Melodies that hang in your head like an old friend. Lyrics of wit, introspection and cultural commentary. Dead on drum tracks, bad ass guitar solos and subtleties that slowly reveal themselves.

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