McKinney, TX United States

Bio: Kent Maxson, Michael Jarrett, and David MacKechnie have between them either written with, or had their songs recorded by such major artists as: Kenny Rogers, Elvis Presley, Gary Allan, John Denver, Garth Brooks, Martina McBride, The Hues Corporation, Kin Vassy, Jennifer Holiday, Billy Preston, and Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. Their group “Rogue,” is made up of some of the finest studio musicians in Nashville. The concept of their debut CD is simple. Make it about the song. The back of their CD might say it best:

Just outside the city there’s a patch of dirt that’s been there for well over a hundred years. A friend of mine calls it “The Karat Patch,” It’s a garden filled with thousands and thousands of songs about every aspect of our lives; a garden planted and tilled by writers and ghosts of writers from everywhere across this land.

Out of this garden of songs, only a few will be picked and taken to the city. The rest lay ripe and wait their time.This album contains a handful of those songs and is dedicated to all our fellow caretakers who continue to plant in this patch of dirt somewhere…Just Outside Nashville
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