Cinema, Cinema

Brooklyn, NY United States

photo by Digitone Records
Bio: CINEMA CINEMA , the Brooklyn based indie-experimental 2 piece, gave birth to a new record release, their 1st full length, EXILE BABY, via Digitone Records, (whom they worked with on their 1st EP - Viva!, in 2006) and with the band's self run home base, The Lumiere Label.

Drawering on Drawerings and focusing on focus, the striking 2-piece present a new direction in sound with their third release. Treating the studio as a camera, they capture moving still pictures of their growth on this record. Epic highs, cold iron lows and cinematic musical movements. Driven and pounding drums ring like cannon's, chaotic splintered guitars chime with purpose. Vocals cry with the urgency of a dying man. Sit down and hear the cry of the EXILE BABY, a story about the end of the world, as we know it and the birth of the next. All songs written and produced by Ev Gold and Paul Claro. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vin CIN(-EMA) at Electric Plant Studios/Brooklyn, New York. Distributed by Digitone Direct and released by The Lumiere Label, the new record will be available via all digital outlets including iTunes, emusic and others.

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