Rick Altizer

Old Hickory, TN United States

Bio: I'm doing the bio myself so here goes: My name is Rick Altizer and I've got a wife and 2 boys. That's the most important thing about me. Some other facts are: I used to be a staff writer for Warner/Chappell in Los Angeles. Then I was managed by Bob Dylan's and Neil Young's manager, Elliott Roberts. That didn't go so well so I moved to Nashville. I was a recording artist for KMG records where I sold dozens of CD's. I then wrote and produced a CD for Flicker Records called "Soul Lift." It had Johnny Cash, Russ Taff and a bunch of other folks on it, was nominated for a Dove award - but that sold dozens of records as well. I got tired of selling dozens of records so I started my own record label and started doing kids worship music. Worship Jamz is in all the Targets and Wal-Marts and the commercials have been all over Nickelodeon. I now sell multiple gobs of records and I'm happy about that. So is my wife... she is especially happy about that. We even remodeled our kitchen, and let me tell you, if you ever want to make your wife happy - that's the ticket. I have just completed a Scripture Memory record for adults called "Scripture Memory - Pop Symphonies." Three years in the making, it has been a labor of love for me. It was my desire to make a Scripture Memory record that you would actually enjoy listening to. I decided to do my best to make an excellent record in hopes that you would listen to it multiple times. After repeated listening, the scriptures would be forever lodged in your brain. Strings, horns, pianos, walls of guitars, stacks of vocals… the kitchen sink approach (hey, it’s me), all to coerce you to listen, again and again. Well that's all for now. If anything else interesting happens I'll let you know.

All Music Guide Biograph by Tim Sendra

Rick Altizer began his career in music as a hopeful trying to break in to the L.A. music scene. He secured a job as a staff writer for Warner/Chappell Music and hired Elliot Roberts, who had worked with Neil Young and countless others, as his manager. Things were looking good, but then a record deal with Sony fell through and Altizer ditched L.A. and took his family to Nashville. Here he hooked up with KMG, a small Christian rock label, and released two records.

1998's Blue Plate Special and 1999's Neon Fixation were Beatles-influenced pop records with a mostly subtle Christian message. Both were produced by Adrian Belew who lent his guitar playing skills as well. Altizer's third album, 2000's Go Nova, was a self-produced album for a smaller label. In 2001, Altizer wrote and produced Soul Lift: Soundtrack For the Soul, a collection of artists like Johnny Cash, Stuart Mason from Jars of Clay, and others singing gospel songs with a techno backing. Also in 2001, Altizer released [All Tie Zer] on the secular pop label Not Lame with Adrian Belew on board again to provide some guitar solos. This album was his most unabashedly pop record and introduced him to a whole new audience of power pop fans.
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