san diego, CA United States

Shoestring Strap!
Bio: Thundering Bass, Screaming Guitar, and Rowdy Drums drive the freight train of country-fried rock that is San Diego, CA’s Mudgrass. Their original music ranges from heart wrenching to heart stopping, and all points in between. Dave Lowenstein (bass/vocals), Brennan Orndorff (guitar/vocals), and Mark Markowitz (Ludwig Drums) formed Mudgrass in late 2010 after weekly barbecue jam sessions grew into hours of live material for their first gig. Drawing upon years playing together in a previous five piece Alt Country Band (Shoestring Strap), the members of Mudgrass stripped down their old song arrangements and started writing new material. Call it a short attention span, or maybe just a love for the bizarre, but their choices in cover songs include Black Sabbath, Spinal Tap, and The Price is Right theme song.

With over 100 shows together in this band and others, Mudgrass keeps it tight. Soulful vocals and blistering guitar intertwine over a solid rhythm section, finding their sound somewhere between The Drive By Truckers and Gram Parsons.

Mudgrass wrapped up their debut release on July 27th, 2012, entitled Just That Way. Recorded live with minimal overdubs, this album showcases their true abilities with very little studio trickery.

With their roots firmly planted in classic country and classic rock, Mudgrass plays all night, plays it hard, and plays for keeps.
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