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Genres:Ambient Soundscapes, Country - Alternative, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - Horror/Suspense, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Hinkson disappeared into the fade in 2009 and 2010 taking a much needed break after his 2nd release, THE TORRENT SESSIONS – the album’s highlighted success in “Contamination Day”, a pounding rocker that earned a spot CTV/NBC’s “The Listener” and Power 97’s “River City Rawks” compilation and #61 out of their Top 97 songs for the 2008 year. Also, “Surrounded” was featured in Sean Garrity’s top film “Zooey and Adam”.

Scott has returned refreshed and with a varied sound on 2011’s release ONE BESIDE TWO, his 3rd album balanced with half new and old material. The result is a more organic sounding record, highlighting Hinkson’s voice and writing abilities. More mellow and slightly darker than the other two releases, ONE BESIDE TWO paints landscapes of loss, recovery, and struggle within all through a simplified sound overall still accented with his ambient, haunting leads and moodiness that define his production style.

Blending intuitive alternative rock with clever twists of pop-melody, his sound conjures up roaring power and extraordinary vulnerability making your head swim and your heart ache. Combined with a production style of considerable depth and texture, Hinkson’s songs stand alone, cutting a swath through the din of mainstream radio and sinking their teeth into an audience that never saw him coming.

In late 2005 Hinkson released his debut solo effort, “Tracking Outside In”, “an album which seemingly came out of nowhere like a fully formed diamond” ( Darryl Sterdan of the Winnipeg Sun called it “…one of the more varied and intriguing solo sets we’ve heard lately. The ear-catching production invests these songs with layers and textures that elevate them far beyond the usual bedroom-fi diary musings”.

As his solo career was gaining momentum, the first track of “Tracking Outside In” Lately brought Hinkson a songwriting award for via for May 2006 and had his song listened to by celebrity jurors such as Norah Jones and Jon Bon Jovi. Shortly thereafter pausing to record and produce indie folk artist Serena Postel’s critically acclaimed “Spare Change” EP; Hinkson earned a showcase spot at the Canadian music industry’s hotspot NewMusicWest festival in Vancouver.

In 2009, Hinkson surfaced with his second, more focused release – The Torrent Sessions “everything you could want from an indie-rocker: it’s well-produced, the melodies are catchy and the songs come from a place of inner darkness “(The Uniter). With the first rock single “Contamination Day” selected for Winnipeg’s commercial rock station POWER 97 “Class of 2008? contest, Hinkson has already begun recruiting more fans supplemented by his polished live presence.

“One Beside Two” CD release is targeted for summer or September and support ongoing from there while Hinkson continues to explore TV/Film licensing opportunities and a beneficial management, publishing, and/or distribution/label arrangement.

Scott Hinkson is that rarest of finds. A career artist in the making, Hinkson is answering a call that even he doesn’t understand…his motivations mysterious, obsessive, gut-wrenching, beautiful and unforgettable.

Recent discography:

As Scott Hinkson:
¦ONE BESIDE TWO (2011) – (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)
¦THE TORRENT SESSIONS (2008) – (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer) – “Contamination Day” on CTV/NBC’s “The Listener” and Power 97’s River City Rawks 2008 compilation. “Surrounded” featured on Sean Garrity’s “Zooey and Adam” 2009 feature length film.
¦TRACKING OUTSIDE IN (2005) – (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)
¦MUSIC FOR THE SHORT FILM “MAN ALONE” (2003) – (Songwriter, Performer, Producer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Other Projects:
¦SERENA POSTEL “Spare Change” (2006) – (Producer, Performer, and Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer)
¦SNOOPER “Under the Radar” (2004) – (Co-Songwriter, Producer, Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer, Bass Guitar, and Backing Vocals)
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