Marathon, FL United States

Adrienne photo by Christopher Harding
Bio: Adrienne is a singer and songwriter who's voice and songs are reminicent of artist's like Joni Mitchell, Riki Lee Jones and Sara McLaughlin. Early in her music career, Adrienne achieved local success in the Metro Boston area both in local clubs and the streets of Harvard Square, Cambridge. After producing her first release, One Step Closer. Her song, "Overboard" became the most requested song on Boston radio station WERS. Soon after producing her second release "Dust into Dawn," she was nominated for a Boston Music Award and featured in Boston Women Magazine. After her third release, "Looking Within Looking Without, " she got heavy airplay on college radio and a feature article in Songtalk published by the National Academy of Songwriters where they called Adrienne, "an enchanting......exquisite talent." In an article entitled Adrienne - More than Just FolkLore, the live review states, " There's a mystical quality in her writing that I've seen in few other performers...... it is beyond me someone this talented has not been signed to a major label record deal. In 1993 she joined forces w/fellow singer/songwriter Marsia Shuron Harris and together they performed in the Keys and throughout New England as the duo Aye. Their CD, "Sweet Life" was chosen in the top 10 albums of 2000 by The Greenfield Recorder and they received stellar reviews in Northeast Performer Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Key West Citizen and Key West The Newspaper, to name a few. Currently, Adrienne performs solo and recently finished a CD with the rock band Injade, which she formed in 2002 with partner David Tortolano. The band has received rave reviews throughout the Florida Keys everywhere they perform their music. Both Adrienne and Injade have been getting airplay on local radio stations as well as television. Whether performing solo or with the band Injade, Adrienne's sweet and alluring vocals are a welcome treat to any who listen.

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