The Hanslick Rebellion

Albany, NY United States

Alex Dubovoy | Mike Keaney | Mike Kearns | Jed Davis
Genres:Gospel/Religious, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Big Beat, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop , Latin - Reggaeton
Bio: The Hanslick Rebellion is a rock group like they don’t make ‘em any more. Formed in Albany, NY in 1995 by keyboardist Jed Davis and bassist Mike Keaney, the band rocketed though an immensely successful two-year run in upstate New York, performing its singular brand of brash, honest, visceral-yet-thoughtful rock and roll. They recorded one album, a scorching live tape called THE REBELLION IS HERE. Then they did what teenage rockers do: flame out. The Rebellion ended in April of 1997 and its two founders didn’t speak for nearly a decade.

But ten years later, the four members of The Hanslick Rebellion found themselves face-to-face once again, instruments in hand, 200 miles south of the band’s birthplace—at a rehearsal studio in New York City. While each band member had some success either playing with other bands, as a studio musician, or as a songwriter, neither Jed, Mike, guitarist Alex Dubovoy or drummer Mike Kearns felt like they had ever approached the chemistry they once generated together. After a series of chance meetings, they agreed to put all the old baggage aside and just jam. One time.

Once felt good enough to try twice; twice became a weekly thing. Weekly sessions made the band tighter and hotter than ever before. And one show—a packed and rabid house at CBGB on the 10th anniversary of the Rebellion’s first gig—was enough to solidify the unit. The 6-track EP THE DELI OF LIFE officially marks the band’s return. Replete with energy, anger, and cynicism, songs like “You Are Boring the Shit Out of Me” are packed with all three. Almost an ironic anthem despite its pissed-off tone, this one’s quite catchy - SPIN magazine proclaimed that the song featured "the year's most undeniable riff" (September, 2007). “Pop” is even more so, with a quasi-triumphant “You sold me out!” chorus that will have you pumping your fist and grinning even as tears roll down your face.

Throughout DELI, The Hanslick Rebellion puts a generally upbeat spin on what might not necessarily be considered pleasant subjects. “Photograph” is a prime example, as the band relates a lamenting, heartbreaking story with a Beatlesque swing.

The Rebellion takes its name from Eduard Hanslick, a feared 19th-Century music critic whose opinion could make or break a composer’s career. As Gen-X kids pimping out the ideology of the band they might become, Keaney and Davis would sit in Denny’s and rant until the wee hours about how Hanslick’s “rebellion” against musical excess should be revived to bring back rock and roll in its purest form, to strip away the decadence and the bullshit. Despite being apart from each other for nearly a decade, The Hanslick Rebellion has done just that.
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