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Montreal, Quebec Canada

Music Inside
Genres:Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Ambient


Jeremie Arrobas is a founding and former member of Men Without Hats.
He got involved with music when he was 13 years old, after his father gave him a 4 track reel to reel recorder for his birthday. Since then he has never stopped exploring the world of music. Experimenting with the sounds he generated using the feed-back of his recorder’s microphone and creating ambient recordings with them (without the help of any musical instruments) he went on to discover the world of rhythms trough percussions and drums.
Jeremie really found his bliss when synthesizers, sequencers and rhythm machines came to exist. He believes that the emergence of that technology not only gave birth to a new musical genre, but that it also transformed him into the musician he is now.
His work can be heard on more than a dozen records, as a songwriter, singer, keyboard player, drummer, lyricist, and as a record producer.
Today he divides his time between his family, his business and his home recording studio.

After a few years studying architecture at University of Montreal and a major motorcycle crash that gave him a new perspective on life, Luc Papineau followed his instinct and started his musical career by co-founding Canada’s own “The Box” in 1981. What started as a synthesizer and tape machines fiddling frenzy inspired by British prog and German electronic music of the 70’s turned into a passion for sound recording and live mixing. After a few years with “The Box” scoring major hits on Canadian charts, Luc started a freelance career, mixing radio and TV jingles, recording albums and film soundtracks among which the Academy Awards nominee “Les Triplettes de Belleville”.
During all these years Luc has always seen the studio-computer as the ultimate creation tool, both from a musical and technical point of view. He is still engineering full time from his home-based studio in Montreal while remaining close to his kids…best of both worlds.


Although Luc and Jeremie went down different paths throughout the years the connection remained. They met in the 80’s and worked together on various musical ventures, and again in 2006, when Jeremie approached Luc for the recording of a French album.
They worked for a year and discovered they had too many music affinities and that they had to find a way to explore them further. So they started recording one, then a second and a third song only to confirm it was just the tip of the iceberg.
Finally it’s in 2007 that MUSIC_INSIDE was created.
MUSIC_INSIDE combines writing skills with arrangements, programming, performing, producing and recording skills.
MUSIC_INSIDE is a unique alloy combining imagination, spontaneity and practical thinking.
MUSIC_INSIDE is an association designed to liberate the “music inside” while being guided by outside forces.

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