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Koshowko - video clip still
Bio: KOSHOWKO is the musical brainchild of Polish born Martin K, philosopher turned music producer. Martin K has spent last couple of years working in close collaboration with various electronic and dance artists. These has included production and remixes for Disco Stu, B(if)tek, Winduptoys, Severed Heads, I Forget and Valley Forge.

KOSHOWKO was created as the live arm of Martin K’s production work and it was through the influence of playing to live audiences that the songs further matured and gained their own momentum. For live performances collaborations with numerous guest vocalists and instrumentalists occur, thereby adding a variety of personalities and styles to the live show.

Over the last two years Koshowko performed many gigs around Australia, including at The Empress, First Floor, Loop as well as at festivals such as Renaissance, Opoeia and Electundra. For full details please visit www.koshowko.com

In December 2007 Koshowko returned from a mini-tour of Germany and now are ready to promote their EP, playfully named “Anarchy Monarchy” released recently on Las Machinas.

‘Anarchy Monarchy’ takes you on a journey from the extremely catchy, ‘It’s Time Now’ to the cheeky disco-rock anthem ‘(Hu)mannequin’ to the retro electro infused ‘The Story’ to the dub influenced ‘Whispers’. The EP ends with a funky remix of ‘The Story’ by Nicole Skeltys, known for her work as a part of the femme-tech duos B(if)tek and Artificial.

Koshowko have previously released material on several compilations (incl. critically acclaimed ‘In Version: Dub Selections’) as well as their debut single Promise. More of the Koshowko sound can be heard on their brilliant, collaborative ‘Switched On’, appearing as duets on Winduptoys album and single ‘Double Exposure’.

Other composition credits include the soundtrack for the award winning animated documentary “Revolving Door”, recently screened on SBS after making the rounds at various film festivals on 4 continents.

Several video clips have accompanied Koshowko’s songs, all screened on ABC’s Rage and also available on YouTube.

You can also look out for Koshowko’s stunning remixes of Disco Stu and B(if)tek, to be featured on the forthcoming album ‘Re Cognition: the Clan Analogue Legacy Collection’, due mid 2008.

Web Sites: www.koshowko.com & www.myspace.com/koshowko
Contact: info@koshowko.com
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