Jack Andrews

Tucson, AZ United States

Jack Andrews
Bio: A lifelong multimedia artist with international awards and clients in multimedia arts, Jack Andrews has composed electronic ambient music for his new album “Infinity of the Mind” and two other albums “Consciousness Evolving” and “Electrokinesis,” with a fourth album currently in the works.

In addition, he has worked with Medwyn Goodall, written music for investigative mythologist William Henry, and composed a themed work, “The Orion Zone,” for author Gary David. His multimedia work has appeared in “Ancient American” and “Atlantis Rising” magazines and several books, films and television.

TV shows using my music:

June 23, 2011: MTV - Jersey Shore Episodic 4 (song: “Edward Leedskalnin” - album "Electrokinesis")

May 26, 2011: Canadian Clip Clearances Onc.

April 26 2011: Diagonal View Ltd. http://www.diagonal-view.com/ (the world's biggest independent producer of digital video) Audio synch license (song: “Edward Leedskalnin” - album "Electrokinesis")

January 8, 2011: Simon and Schuster: Judith Keenan – Book Shorts: Video Book Trailers 2009 (song: License (song "Mysterious Forest" - album "Electrokinesis")

Food Network Reality Series, Season 3 – Chopped: Episode 3.8: “Sweet Redemption” January 12, 2010 (song: “Cosmic Ocean” - album "Electrokinesis")

October 28, 2008: History Detectives Season 6, Episode 7 Black Tom Shell; USS Olympia Glass; Front Street Blockhouse (song: “Edward Leedskalnin” - album "Electrokinesis")

October 15, 2008: History Detectives – The Hindenburg Artifact: Season 7, Episode 7 10 August 2009 (song: “Dark Space”- album "Electrokinesis")

Current TV 7th Amendment U.S. (song: “Edward Leedskalnin” - album "Electrokinesis")

Film Music:

November 18, 2009: 24 Hours After – The Kennedy Assassination by Time Travel Unlimited (Emmy award-winning production company in New York) (songs: “Edward Leedskalnin” and “Abduction” - album "Electrokinesis")

Artist Statement:

“Living out in the Arizona desert for thirty years has influenced everything I do. The spectacular night skies in the Sonoran Desert are a direct space portal. Through music we can enter that portal".
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