raw zilla

clearwater, FL United States

Genres:HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Latin - Reggaeton
Bio: Harlem, home of the huslters where the world famed Apollo stands and the lair of the legendary Cotton Club.
Known for the likes of Ganster Frank lucas and Bumpy Johnson this is where Lenny "El Monstro" Martinez
is from also known as Rawzilla. a veteran in hiphop and beat making since his childhood he is
specialized in Protools with experience in the mpc and the Phantom keyboard. a composer of many genres of music
and dedicated to perfection. much behind the scene works with music licensing and production under his belt rawzillas
music has been heard on top notch syndications such as VH1, BET and MTV. underground album releases include 90 degrees,
Skillz, Dark reign and the newly relased compilation From The Bronx 2 Harlem. working with song writer and lyricist
Paradox whos background started in the streets of the Bronx also known as the boogy down bx, The Bronx known for its own
legends such as Dutch Shultz and hiphop icons such as Afrika Bambatta who inspired paradox early years in music.
Paradox has performed in the world famed madison square garden, The Black expo in las vegas, shourt tours in the tampa st pete
and orlando area. a keynote speaker in the tampa music conference and a ground breaking single "aint seen it coming" which is
qouted as Tampas hiphop song of the year for 2005. he is now working on 12 rounds his third album. just relasing his second the compilation
"From The bronx 2 Harlem". Paradox is more known for his underground goth hiphop classic album Dark Reign a Raw productionz release which has given him
notice overseas. the same album Dark Reign has also been licensed and used on VH1 and MTV for several years and now paradox 2wx
is back at work doing what he does best song writing and colaborating with Rawzilla
Stay Tuned.
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