Stephanie Sante

Lafayette, CO United States

Artist Portrait
Genres:New Age, Ambient Soundscapes, Lounge/Exotica, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Lounge/Chillout, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Ambient, Jazz - Latin , Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Latin - Jazz
Bio: San Francisco Bay Area native, Stephanie Sante is an electronic composer, producer, and multi instrumentalist. Equally adept on guitar and keyboards her music embodies skillfully blended layers of melodic harmonies that embrace a mix of thematic, uplifting and energetic tracks that contain a glimpse of mystery and romance. Stephanie Sante’s music is often described as cinematic since it paints such a clear landscape of emotional vision and clarity. Her musical projects are often times epic in scope, each track delicately linked in perfect symmetry.

As a multi instrumentalist Ms. Sante is quick to embrace emerging technologies pushing the boundaries of production and musical expression. Adapting to advances in computer technology, with her musical, fine arts and engineering backgrounds she integrates new forms of sound generation with the latest advancements in tactile expression. With years of experience blending acoustic and electronic artistry Stephanie is poised to take her music to the next plateau.

After a decade of live touring with several NuJazz/Fusion bands Stephanie set out on her own and began to establish herself as formidable and critically acclaimed Electronic Composer/Producer.

Her first solo release titled: 'Into Light' garnered critical acclaim in 2000 from New Age Voice for “Winner Radio Airplay 2000” and finalist “Best New Age CD 2000”. The track ‘The Awakening’ was hugely popular in the ambient charts during the days while ‘Airsteam’ and ‘Archangel’ remain popular on Satellite and Cable streams.

In early 2001 Sante Music released, 'Immaculate Conceptions', which showcased exotic sonic textures and world beats.

In late 2001 her 3rd release, 'Inner Beauty', was NAV’s finalist for “Best New Age/Electronic/Space CD 2001”. Once again embracing emerging technologies ‘Inner Beauty’ featured Stephanie’s considerable depth on midi-guitar and breathtaking synthesis. Tracks such as ‘Taking Flight’ and ‘Interstellar Beacon’ set the bar for ambient space music.

After the release of 'Inner Beauty' Stephanie began exploring emerging stylistic genre’s including Chill, World, Lounge and Bossa. Embracing the latest technologies her workflow incorporated a mix of sampling, hardware/software synthesis, live performance and layered beats.

Her 4th release, 'Coffee Culture', introduced a mix of chilled grooves and acoustic/electric guitars stylistically covering Lounge, NuJazz, Bossa and World Beat. Coffee Culture was awarded “Best Concept Album” by Muse’s Muse in 2005.

In 2007 Sante Music released her 5th project, 'Shine' EP, continuing to focus on blending NuJazz, Lounge and Ambient textures with Bossa flavors. The track “Missing Paris” quickly became the most popular single from ‘Shine’ with a rich blend of romantic and inspired guitar work.

In 2010 Sante Music released ‘Prismatic', Stephanie Sante’s break-through release. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of the great Pacific Northwest, Prismatic captured the sensuality, romance and excitement of this lush expanse, blending aspects of NuJazz, Chill, Ambient and Bossa. Tracks such as “Morning Breeze”, “Chill Station”, “High Tide” and ‘Satin Sunset’ were quickly embraced by DJ’s around the globe and remain as popular now as when first released.

'Cosmic Diva', Stephanie Sante’s 7th project, released in 2013 blends Uptempo Super Ambient Lounge with a spicy brew of sonic chill out patterns, weaving mellow harmonies that are uplifting, ethereally dramatic and inspiring.

With the release of ‘Prismatic’ and ‘Cosmic Diva’ Stephanie Sante is artist quickly coming into focus across ambient, chill and lounge music lovers. As ‘Cosmic Diva’ begins an extensive radio campaign Stephanie is busy composing her next project tentatively scheduled for release in the Fall of 2014.

Stephanie Sante currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.
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