Langhorne, PA United States

Jonathan Sprout
Genres:Kids/Quirky, Specialty - Christmas/Holiday
Bio: Since his first professional appearance in 1972, Jonathan Sprout has recorded nine albums, performed 6,193 concerts (including 5,166 children’s concerts) and taught 789 songwriting workshops throughout the United States. His songs have appeared on several internationally released compilation albums.

Jonathan’s seventh release, American Heroes, won critical acclaim and awards from The National Association of Parenting Publications & Parents’ Choice as a groundbreaking CD in the field of educational children’s music. A sequel, More American Heroes, has been awarded The Film Advisory Board’s Award of Excellence and Parents’ Choice Awards.

Jonathan's American Heroes #3 CD won eleven national awards, including a 2010 GRAMMY® nomination. He was a contributing artist on Healthy Foods, a CD for children, which received a GRAMMY® nomination in 2010. All About Bullies ... Big & Small, the 2012 GRAMMY® winning CD in the Children's Music category, includes a track performed by Jonathan.

A resident of the Philadelphia, PA region, Jonathan is currently recording a fourth CD of songs about American heroes and writing a companion book
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