Rob Fried

Redding, CT United States

Genres:Jazz - Latin , Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Latin - Jazz, Latin - Brazilian - Samba
Bio: Rob Fried, (born December 25, 1958) is a Connecticut based Jazz musician and composer.  His first release “Wind Song” was completed in 2007 and has been garnering accolades and acclaim from fans and music industry press alike.  His latest project, “Water Rhapsody” was released in 2009.  As an Electric/Acoustic Bassist and Vocalist, Rob Fried has performed regularly at clubs and music festivals throughout the NYC metropolitan area with renowned artists including Randy Brecker, Marion Meadows, Chris Parker and Joe Beck   In addition, Mr. Fried has performed as an opening act for Manhattan Transfer, Tower Of Power, BB King and YES.
Commenting in a 2007 interview Mr. Fried described his pleasure in playing live, “When I see how people respond as I play jazz, rock and funk, it is a powerful thing.  When people get up to dance, are smiling and the euphoria happens, it is almost like the audience becomes another member of the band.  I try to feel what they are feeling and then take it higher.  That is definitely a big part of the joy of being a musician and especially a bass player.”
Rob Fried best describes his musical style as Contemporary and Latin Jazz, with roots in Rock and Pop.  And while playing live two to four nights a week fuels his need to connect to an ever widening audience, Rob Fried’s passion is composing and producing his own albums.   His original music aims to elicit powerful moods in the listener.  The songs in his Element Series reveal his enduring fascination with the key elements in nature: wind, water, wood, earth, fire and metal, and seeks to underscore and highlight their relevance in our lives.  The songs on Mr. Fried’s debut release “Wind Song”, for example, are inspired by wind and light.  His forthcoming CD, “Water Rhapsody” brings the flowing, serene yet powerful influence of water to the fore.  This project derives from his study of Chinese philosophy and describes how our life functions resonate with the larger forces in the natural world. 
Press quotes on Mr. Fried’s debut release in 2007 have been outstanding, and convey the essence of his music:
“Rob Fried’s Wind Song is a surprisingly robust set exploring contemporary Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Caribbean and blues rhythms.  Diverse and fun to listen to, Wind Song is a strong, cool breeze.” – Jazz Times, October 2007
“One of the prettiest collections of songs to come my way this year is Rob Fried’s self produced CD Wind Song featuring Randy Brecker on trumpet and flugelhorn.  Fried composed all of the songs on this superbly arranged and played CD.  In addition, he lays down some of the smoothest acoustic and electric bass guitar licks you will hear on a disc this year.” –, July 2007
 “An album of splendid rhythm-based music with exciting new melodies and swinging Latin jazz colors, Wind Song provides a wonderfully entertaining and engaging session of jazz. Fried should be commended for this taste of artistry in rhythm.” –, April 2007
“It is clear that great song structure and musicianship is what Rob Fried’s project is all about. I couldn’t help but be swept up in the precision of this release.  I do hope Mr. Fried continues his pursuit of top notch releases like Wind Song. This is a winner!” – Inside Connection, June 2007
Mr. Fried’s musical style is diverse and includes a myriad of influences from contemporary jazz groups The Yellowjackets, The Crusaders and Tower Of Power, to monumental bass players James Jamerson and Jaco Pastorius, Brazilian artists Antonio Jobim, Ivan Linns and Sergio Mendez, traditional jazz masters Miles Davis and Bill Evans, to pop artists Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Sting and James Taylor.  Mr. Fried started playing guitar at age 8 and bass at 15.  At 13 he co-founded To The Max, a rock band that has performed in Connecticut for 35 years.  After a university education and a career in the investment business he studied world music, chord scale improvisation, theory, and composition with bassist Tony Cimorosi in the 1990’s. 
In 2005, Rob Fried co-founded a charity music organization, called “Band Together” and started a concert series to “help Connecticut families one at a time”.  With the proceeds from these concerts he has worked to preserve Connecticut farmland, build homes for Habitat for Humanity and support local families that need a helping hand. 
Rob Fried lives with his wife and three daughters in Redding, Connecticut.
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