eliot james and the snakes

austin, TX United States

Bio: from"All Music Guide": The guitarist James Jones of Atlanta, not to be confused with other rockers with this name from bands such as Bim Skala Bim or Pere Ubu, came to attention in the second half of the '90s with a group named the Pleasantdales. That moniker may bring to mind shaded porches, mandolins, and perhaps the lilt of a chromatic harmonica in the distance, but in reality this group was pure hard rock and about as pleasant as a building demolition. Jones, the lead picker, would go "through every pose emulated by hard rock guitarists-in-training the world over," at least according to one Atlanta rock pundit in comments about the band. An album by the Pleasantdales, effectively titled Pretty Scars, came out in 1998. Jones gave the band a few more years but by 2000 had gone on the road with the Marvelous 3, apparently to give that group an assist in re-creating its guitar-heavy album sound on-stage. At least some of the publicity created by the group refers to the guitarist simply as "J.J.," inviting confusion with at least eight other performers who rely on these initials as a stage name. The guitarist also launched a side project for his own songs called the Snakes. Members include Mark Green on bass, Nick Volpe on guitar, Rob Hammersmith on drums, and backup singer Lauren Betty.
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