Wesley Dysart

Dallas, GA United States

Bio: Known for his sense of adventure in musicality Wesley Dysart has been writing & performing since the early nineties and began producing in the late nineties. With a background in rock, classical & metal he has grown into a complex artist with an unlikely collection of influences.

The multi-talented artist was introduced to music through learning to play the guitar, piano and the upright bass. More than a producer, Wesley has sung and played guitar as well as held down the keys for several live bands and the upright bass in an orchestra. It is this combination of talent and variation of musicianship that led to his multi-genre spanning debut solo album ‘Bigger on the Inside’, combined with a desire to create music for the home listener as well as the dance community.

With his dance oriented productions he is focused on solid rhythms and multi-layered melody, drawing influences from house, electro, techno and trance. He's remixed for Can Costa, Josh Collins, Ricky Raw, Nathan Isaksson and DJ Mesmer with tracks released on CP Records, Farace Records, Dropbombz and Scarcity Records. His own label, Steamtown Records was founded in 2008 with the release of the 'Strange Attractor' EP.

Wesley is dedicated to bringing an element of fun in music, never seeking to release music that isn’t heart felt and born of a desire to share a personal vision.
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