Luna Blanca

Bocholt, NRW Germany

Luna Blanca
Genres:New Age, Easy Listening, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Americana/Western, World - Spanish, World - Other, Latin - Tropical, Latin - Pop, Latin - Cumbia
Bio: Luna Blanca – Richard Hecks and his Nouveau Flamenco Band - Expresses Their Unique Brand Of Energetic Latin Music Backed By Worldly Rhythm!

Luna Blanca, the project of guitarist Richard Hecks and his nouveau flamenco band is known throughout their native Europe for producing energetic melodies using a variety of different instruments. Through careful sound engineering, each song performed by Luna Blanca tells a mystical story with various details. Having received critical acclaim on their 2012 fifth album El Dorado, in August 2014 the band released "Hopeless Chance" the latest single of their upcoming new album Pirates Bay.

Bocholt, Germany, - Inspired by the movie "The Poppy is also a Flower", Richard Hecks began playing guitar at the age of 12. It didn't take long for him to make an impact on the world of Spanish guitar while playing in a band known as The Condors. Inspired by bands such as the Beatles and classical guitarists such as Andres Segovia, he began to fine-tune his style and become well known for his technical ability and soft sound.
Richard Hecks began experimenting with flamenco guitar after hearing the music of Ottmar Liebert on the radio. It was then that he formed Luna Blanca, an outfit dedicating to creating eclectic world music and incorporating music elements of various cultures. Over the course of the band's first two albums, they received critical acclaim for their depictions of classic songs such as pieces written by Chopin and Victor Young. Following their success, Hecks began to focus on original works inspired by his newfound love for flamenco guitar.

The unique sound of Luna Blanca was truly born when Hecks met pianist Helmut Graebe. Having produced the first Luna Blanca album, Graebe was asked to play a piano solo on their track "August Moon" just for fun. Helmut's unique talents on the piano and Hammond B-3 organ combined with Hecks' brand of flamenco guitar helped create what can only be described as a one-of-a-kind brand of world music. In 2012, the band released the album "El Dorado", which tells the story of a journey to the "City of Gold" through creative instrumentation, and was the recipient of the Best World Album award at the 2012 ZMR Music Awards in New Orleans.

Now, in 2014, Luna Blanca re-emerges with their new album Pirates Bay, which continues in the band's tradition of mystical storytelling. The first single "Hopeless Chance", released in August 2014, paints a tranquil landscape through delicate picking and subtle percussion. Expanding on the idea that instruments can be used to capture a particular mood, Luna Blanca continues to captivate listeners and use carefully crafted melodies to evoke emotional response. The music of Luna Blanca has the ability to reach listeners of all ages through its energy and attention to detail.

Available on all online music vendors including iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, "Hopeless Chance" displays Luna Blanca's knack for blending the world of fantasy with the power of emotional physical instrumentation. For more information on Richard Hecks and his Nouveau Flamenco Band, Luna Blanca and their upcoming album "Pirates Bay", check out their website at
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