The Los Dos Bros

Encinitas, CA United States

Genres:Country - Alternative, Rock - Roots Rock
Bio: March 6, 2008, Dallas, TX, day two of Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective‘s first U.S. tour (supporting Atlantic Records’ Louis XIV), HATAPCO’s new drummer goes AWOL in the middle of the night, quitting the tour without a word or note of explanation. The trio quickly became a duo facing a choice: quit the tour and go home, or continue without a drummer. The decision to continue took about four seconds, and their second decision took about four more seconds… to officially change their band name, once and for all, to The Los Dos Bros.

Despite outcries from The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, and from press reps, writers, radio personalities and booking agents around the world begging the band’s two front men, Derric Oliver (vocals, guitar, tuba, trumpet, piano) and Louis Caverly (vocals, fiddle, piano), to keep their 6-word, 35-letter, tongue-twister of a bleeping band name, those requests fell on deaf ears (damn musicians and their hearing!).

But fear not, friends! “Adventure Pop” is still the sound, and “Holiday” still their mindset; yet, after years of musicians in and out of their band, Oliver and Caverly felt that The Los Dos Bros (which they’ve used for production credits on their three studio albums) best reflects their long-standing musical collaboration.

The duo is set to release two new albums, Songs for Feeling Strong (EP), and Greek Gods in the West (CD + DVD ‘Live from the Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, CA’). Both were recorded in June, 2007 (as HATAPCO with drummer, Michael Taylor Hahn) at Al Jardine’s (Beach Boys) Red Barn Studios in Big Sur, CA.

“We wanted our next albums to reflect the spirit of the band’s time on the road,” explains Oliver, “so we threw a party for some of our closest friends and recorded the basic tracks.” Both albums were produced by The Los Dos Bros and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Chris Isaak, Green Day, Fleetwood Mac).

The California-based duo won considerable praise for their independent releases and notoriously crazed live performances. They are, as Damon Orion from the Santa Cruz Good Times puts it, “a true band of the new millennium.”
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