Saul Kaye

San Francisco, CA United States

Saul Kaye
Bio: Internationally touring artist Saul Kaye believes in the healing power of music. Coming from a family of 9 Doctor's, Saul took the healing gifts of his family and chenneled them into his art. His 4th Cd, DOCTOR'S ORDERS is a nod to his family and it weaves character studies through deep grooves and soaring melodies.
A TASTE OF PARADISE is his latest's some insights into the latest cd. Its what we all want, what we are craving, that piece of sweet freedom that makes it all worth it. Saul Kaye believes that we can have A TASTE OF PARADISE right here and now. Saul believes in the healing power of music: its ability to transform consciousness, move energy in our bodies, and expand awareness through songs and stories.
A TASTE OF PARADISE is Saul's latest CD which explores different notions of paradise through character explorations, socio-political commentary, love, spirit, and sensuality. The single, 'Jump',on the latest CD, is a song about belief. Weaving love and spirit into this high energy tune, Saul explores the process of making a difficult decision and needing enough faith to make the journey. The song, All that I want, paints a dark picture of the times we live in and offers hope in the form of a little love and company.
Saul songs and live shows take the listener on a journey from the heart on to the dance floor. His vision is to create a world where it is more profitable to help heal the planet and each other than destroy it. Join him on tour this Spring and catch a taste of Paradise.

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