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Liz Larin - live
Bio: Everyone who has heard Liz Larin’s music knows how good she is. But there are scores of good musicians in the world - the difference is that Liz Larin knows how to be bad. Liz succeeds in doing what few musical artists have ever done: she excites male listeners while, at the same time, she inspires female listeners.\r\n\r\n Liz Larin is not afraid to take chances and her new 2006 release is no exception. “Wake Up, Start Dreaming,” her third for imprint Bona Dea Music, builds on her reputation as an undeniable talent with Music that wraps around the listener, moving effortlessly from a caress to a surprise punch. Comprised of twelve exciting new songs, ‘Wake Up, Start Dreaming’ swoops from deepest longing to moments of pure elation, blending elements of rock, pop, and R&B into a supercharged cocktail.\r\n\r\n The myth surrounding Liz Larin started with an underground buzz, a ground swell of interest, and huge word of mouth from those who have seen Liz live or heard her CDs. There has been a firestorm of popular interest and her reputation has grown larger than life. Those who have been turned on to Liz Larin’s music have been overwhelmed by the dynamic power of her singing and the sensitivity of her lyrics. Even though Liz’s music is powerful and forthright, she is a gentle soul who remains accessible to her fans through greetings at shows, and through her website. Liz’s live performances, either with her stunning band or solo, featuring her self-made electronic loops and samples, have become events in which fans feel as though Liz’s songs were written personally for each of them. \r\n\r\nLiz Larin, a self-taught musician, has fond memories of hearing Blue Note records at her grandmother’s house as a child, where she was exposed early on to the bebop of Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker, and the cool jazz of Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. “My grandmother had a huge collection of amazing LPs and a highly polished grand piano in the front room, where she would play for us while we danced. I always loved her stories about the legendary artists she heard perform at storied jazz club Baker’s Keyboard Lounge.” \r\n\r\nBy the time Liz Larin was ten she started writing songs and teaching herself to play guitar and piano. As a pre-teen she would ride her bike to a local music store, a popular hangout for musicians, where she was encouraged to play and sing her original music. After taking a few lessons she was asked to join the teaching staff, the youngest teacher there at 15. “It was like having a bunch of crazy uncles, all musicians, who helped me make the transition to being a professional. They took me under their wings, encouraging me to pursue my passion for jazz, funk, rock and great songwriting.” After playing in churches from the age of 12, then playing with high school rock bands, she decided to make a career of it, venturing into the Detroit music scene. That’s when things truly started to happen for Liz and her band: a bidding war ensued, resulting in a deal with Atlantic Records, which led to Liz’s recording her first CD in England with legendary producer Rupert Hine. Liz’s second CD was a solo effort for Atlantic; both critically acclaimed CDs and Liz’s incendiary live shows helped to build a fan base in the US, England, Australia, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. \r\n\r\nLiz Larin is on a short list of illustrious female artists who have recorded for Atlantic Records, including Tori Amos, Poe, Stevie Nicks, Jewel, Toby Lightman, and, of course, Aretha Franklin. Although she didn’t stay with the label, deciding instead to branch out on her own, she is grateful for the experience. “I learned a lot about the business and ultimately decided that I wasn’t at my most effective with people telling me what my music (and look) should be. I wanted to dig deeper and come up with something more authentic, more heartfelt.”\r\n\r\nHaving lived in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, where she worked with members of acclaimed production team The Matrix and influential producer Ben Gross, she returned to Detroit, a place from which she draws inspiration. Liz says, “between the incredible art and musicianship here, Detroit is a city of great contrast, which feeds my own creative spirit.” Dominating the Detroit Music Awards for three years in a row (winning 15 Detroit Music Awards, including Outstanding CD for her previous “The Story of O-Miz”) Liz has demonstrated her musical and personal strength, and her ability to touch people profoundly. \r\n\r\n Liz Larin laughs at the idea that intelligence isn’t sexy, or that music isn’t powerful enough to change the world – Liz believes that in music all things are possible. The music of Liz Larin will make you believe, too. \r\n\r\nWWW.LIZLARIN.COM\r\n For music, photos, and more information - \r\nContact - Marie Baker\r\nHeat Street (248) 358-7300\r\n\r\nBona Dea Music\r\nP.O. Box 272\r\nBloomfield Hills, MI 48303\r\n(248) 593-8404\r\n
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