Lauren Wood

Los Angeles, CA United States


With the inviting intimacy of her burnished voice, world-renowned singer/songwriter, musician, producer and voice-over artist Lauren Wood has entranced millions of listeners. She is best known for her smash hit song; “Fallen” (from the award-winning movie/soundtrack Pretty Woman) which sold a mind blowing 18 million copies and continues to receive airplay - worldwide. Lauren enjoys a career of extraordinary diversity, having recorded with artists like Frank Zappa while her duet with Michael McDonald, “Please Don’t Leave,” was a top 3 AC hit - released on one of her four CDs for Warner Bros. Records.

From her space-age pad in Laurel Canyon, Wood has written Top 20 hits for Gladys Knight and Phillip Bailey, and songs for everyone else from Cher to Sammy Hagar, adding her voice to network themes for Just Shoot Me and commercials for Nike, Budweiser, Nintendo and Cadillac; penning songs for feature films like Police Academy, daytime drama Days of Our Lives and most recently, Extras and The Black Donnellys. In between she’s appeared on television shows, voiced characters for animation and even founded a greeting card company, “Cat Tricks,” featuring pictures of her cats. (“My animals have more clothes than I do,” she says.)

Recently Wood has produced two independent CDs for her own label, Bad Art Records: “Lauren Wood,” and “Love, Death & Customer Service,” just released this year. Her list of collaborators is testimony to Wood’s enduring personal and professional relationships; co-writers like Melissa Manchester, Jenny Yates, Randy Edelman, and Allee Willis (The Color Purple) plus musical cohorts including Little Feat’s Billy Payne, Stephen Bishop, Jeff Hull (“Piano in the Dark”), The Tonight Show band’s Vickie Randle and Wood’s cousin and long-time musical compatriot, viola virtuoso Novi Novog.

Lauren says the inspiration for her signature vocal style came from when she was a kid in Pittsburgh, singing in the basement late at night so as not to wake her family. Of her work: “When I was younger I was so shy I couldn’t speak to express myself. That’s one of the reasons I became a songwriter. I don’t write as much now because it’s easier for me to communicate verbally, but still, where my music comes from is the deepest part of me.” And, “I try to add a poignancy that you can read in between the lines; I want my recordings to sound like I’m whispering in your ear. “

Here are some quotes about Lauren:

“There are artists and songs that get us to move our feet or hum along. There are a few that make us drive dangerously leaning over to turn them up. And then there are those songs you hear the first time that stop you in your tracks.

Lauren Wood’s “Fallen” was one of those songs. I’d like to have a nickel for everyone who, like me, had to stop to turn it up more times than they care to admit. Later, as I worked my way through Cat Trick and Lauren Wood CD’s (1979 & 1999), I found it wasn’t about that one song as much as the artist. Her ability to crystallize a thought or emotion with notes and words, wrapped in a voice that can soar, turn to whiskey, then a whisper, is beyond simple musicianship.

If you haven’t indulged yet, …Lauren Wood’s work will change the way you listen to music.”

-Anonymous Fan from iTunes

“Wood has an earthy, deep voice capable of soaking subtext into just about every syllable she utters….”

- Larry -Flick, Billboard Magazine

“What will strike you most about Wood’s music is her sultry, sexy voice, but if you get past that, you will find subtly crafted tunes of immense sophistication and insight”-
-John Schoenberg, Radio & Records Magazine

“Lauren has a special knack for mixing arresting lyrics with haunting melodies to capture special moments in time that relate not only to her but to everyone. The CD deserves to be played next to the ERIC CLAPTON’S and SHAWN COLVIN’S of the world – with it’s melodies and sounds, the fun, the various flavors, and the hints of influences- especially a certain Liverpool group from the 60’s”
- Bob Blackburn, Westwood One Radio Networks

“One of the most impressive mainstream pop arrivals in some time.”
- Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times

“Lauren Wood is simply a huge talent. …soul-satisfying songs with a unique blend of messages, all delivered with that trademark alto… You’ll get to the end and immediately want to have another go”.
- Dave Koz, Musician

She contains multitudes: she’s a phenomenal vocalist, gifted songwriter and consummate producer. (her)… album is an apt response to those who complain that nobody writes songs like they used to. She’s long been famous for great songs she’s penned…. There’s a vast range of melodic pop here … this is a nourishing anthology of soulful riches from a seriously talented lady.
Paul Zollo, American Songwriter Magazine

…in the midst of a world where every singer sounds the same, Lauren has the freshest voice I’ve heard in years. I’m a fan for life!” - Patti Austin, Recording Artist

“…She’s the consummate artist. She’s brilliant. … fantastic writing skills, a dazzling, distinctive voice, thoughtfully executed production and an overwhelming sense of fashion. … a songwriter’s songwriter!”
- Sandy Shore,

Acting as producer, songwriter, singer, keyboardist and even drummer, she has created an album with incredible energy and substance. From the smooth jazz-funk feel of Steely Dan, to quirky pop tunes that bring to mind David Byrne or Ani DiFranco, to love songs with the depth and emotion of Kate Bush, she brings it all off with heartfelt sincerity coupled with a delightful sense of humor."

Wildman Steve Bronson, PD / Morning Show Host, WQNR-FM 99.9 THE ROCK
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