Claudio Rosati

Gallicano Nel Lazio, RM Italy

Claudio Rosati
Genres:Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions
Bio: I was born in Roasio, a small town located 90km from Torino, in north Italy. I’ve obtained an university degree in Electronic Engineering in 1989, and I’m currently working as a Java software engineer and developer. In July 2006 I’ve completed a 2-years course in Sound Engineering at percentomusica school of music.
In 1989 I moved to Colleferro, working for several years as software developer at the IRIS, the Bontempi/Farfisa computer music research center in Paliano. Here I met Fabio Armani with which founded Night Wings. We participated to the European Musicians’ HOMERECORDING 93/94 contest, obtaining the publications of The Five Sides Of A Story song. In 1995 Futura Music published the song Lost Dragons.
Contemporarily I joined first the Mood Celebration quartet (with Pier Luigi Tosco, Bruno Stella and Marco Bianchi) and later, together with Bruno and Marco, the Io, Mammeta & Blues… group.
Currently I’m keyboardist and composer in the bocatoro café group, founded in 2004, after the successful participation to the Giuliano Rock Festival with some of the bocatoro café musicians.
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