Andy Mac

Brooklyn, NY United States

Andy Mac Live
Genres:Folk, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: With catchy melodies, unforgettable hooks and an earnest blend of heartache amid desire; singer-songwriter Andy Mac presents a unique spin on the typical melancholic male artist. Discovering how to mask his vulnerability through charming lyrics and harmony-coated pop-rock tunes, Mac speaks to his fans with sincerity and wisdom. It’s no wonder that Mac has recently had his music featured on several 20th Century Fox Television shows, MTV, and XM Radio.

Born into a family of musicians, Andy credits his lineage for the incredible musical gift that captivates his audiences. Starting off as a percussionist at age twelve, Mac ambitiously went on to learn both guitar and piano - and has been perfecting them ever since.

While pursuing his degree at The University of New York at Buffalo, Andy was elected into the prestigious all-male a cappella group, The Buffalo Chips. As a member, Mac was honored with several awards including: Best Soloist at the Northeast NACA a cappella competition.

His first stint as a full-time musician came when he signed on as front-man for the Buffalo-based band, Bittersweet. While touring the college scene, the harmony-doused group also released the critically acclaimed album, A Pipe Dream, bringing the bands success to an even greater level.

With his freshly released debut album, Music for a Bright Moon Sky, Mac takes his token emotional candor and blends it with an edge that warrants acknowledgement. Declaring women as his main source of inspiration, he admits that the only thing he’s truly mastered is confusion. Since many of us can relate to the idea of being confused, this explicit confession is exactly why his tunes have mass appeal. This is the perfect drive home album, says Mac because its mellow tracks embody something that everyone can relate to; that is always my goal.

Citing pessimism as a trait of his past, Andy Mac is eager to push forward, with a new found positivity on life and in his music. Please check out for more information.
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