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Brooklyn, NY United States

Genres:Country - Alternative, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Rockabilly, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop , RnB - Classic/Soul
Bio: Sounds of Greg D
My Little Monkey Got Caught
(Get Hooked Records)
release date: 10/2006

A great band based in NYC performing the songs of Greg Di Gesu. Greg is currently bolstering a 852+ catalogue of ‘em! And the writing continues. To spare you another rambling bio we would like the music to speak for itself.

Greg D (The Lone Orchestra / Speedsters and Dopers) – guitar, harmonica, Rhodes piano, voice, songs
Dave Dreiwitz (Ween) – bass
Jack Petruzzelli (The Fab Faux / Rufus Wainwright / Joan Osborne) – electric guitar
Arne Wendt (Como Drive) – Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, piano
Ryan Thornton (Sam Champion / Rana) – drums

"Sister Do" and "Son of My Father", two tracks from the CD, "9 o'clock in the Afternoon" by Greg's former band, Speedsters and Dopers, premiered in the film "I'm Reed Fish" at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 29th, 2006.


Stations played on:

WRSU // New Brunswick, NJ
WFMU // Jersey City, NJ
WBAI // New York, NY
WCWP // Brookdale, NY
WXPK // White Plains, NY
WDST // Woodstock, NY
WUSB // Stonybrook, NY
WXPN // Philadelphia, PA
WMUH // Allentown, PA
WYEP // Pittsburgh, PA
WSYC // Shippensburg, PA
WTMD // Towson, MD
WRNX // Holyoke, MA
WMFO // Medford MA
WXRV // Bedford, NH
WEBK // Killington, VT
WCLZ // Portland, ME
WERU // E. Orland, ME
KKUP // Cupertino, CA

Internet Radio:
Radio Crystal Blue
LIVE 365
Blow Up Radio
Upstage Radio
Fevered Brain of Radio Mike


Bruce Warren, Program Director @ WXPN, Philly

Sounds of Greg D is based primarily around the singing and songwriting of Greg Di Gesu who has been playing in various bands since the mid-80's. First band The Wooden Soldiers quickly became local New Brunswick, NJ faves. During the span of The Wooden Soldiers, Greg began learning the art of studio recording and has since received 2 platinum records; one for Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way and another for John Mayer’s Room For Squares. Greg has also worked with Jimmy Scott, Guided By Voices, and Elliott Smith.

Next band was Fishermen’s Stew, a rotating band of musicians from the years 1991-1999. The Stew was followed by his next endeavor Speedsters and Dopers founded in NYC in June of 2000. The music would not be of the hippie variety nor would it be heavy metal, as some may assume from its namesake. Instead there was a sound encompassing early Bowie and the songwriting stylings of Lennon & Lou Reed with the lyrical focus of Dylan.
Greg's newest project includes Ryan Thornton on drums (Rana / Sam Champion), Dave Dreiwitz on bass (Ween), Jack Petruzzelli playing guitar (The Fab Faux / Rufus Wainwright), and Arne Wendt (Como Drive / The VooDudes) on Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Nord. Greg sings and plays guitar, harmonica, Rhodes piano and writes the songs.

If you like Syd Barrett, Ray Davies and the aforementioned Lou Reed then chances are you'll dig the current Sounds of Greg D

Larry Crane - Tape Op (Jan 23, 2007)

Greg Di Gesu wrote the wonderful Chris Butler interview last issue, and this is his combo, recorded completely live, "no overdubs, all end of session rough mixes as final mixes!" That's right kids, live takes, vocals included, all done in two days at Cowboy Technical Service in Brooklyn by engineer Tim Hatfield. Mastered by Tom Ruff at Mercenary Productions. Greg's ace is the talented backing quartet behind him, supporting the tunes and playing well. There's a loose, engaging feel here like Dylan's Highway 61, certainly due to the live studio approach, though the 16 track, 15 ips 2" and accompanying tape hiss doesn't hurt!


SOUNDS OF GREG D - My Little Monkey Got Caught. A
perfectly lively, joyous and nicely melodic pop-rock album that was performed live in the studio. Greg D's deep, friendly, commanding voice projects a warmth and smooth assurance that's quite engaging. The folksy, harmonic, pleasingly kicked-back, yet still hoppin' arrangements are likewise really up to speed while the snappy tempos and neatly boppin' beats bounce along in a winningly catchy and effervescent manner. Moreover, there's a real blithe spirit and good-natured quality evident in such delightful songs as "Something's Always Wrong," "Having A Good Time," and "Love on the Go" that's genuinely refreshing and appealing. It's this infectiously perky and upbeat sensibility which in turn makes this album a real treat to listen to. - Joe W

Lord Litter (Berlin, Germany)

Many thanks!!! I really LOVE the CD!!! ... it's what I call a perfect (!!!) release for people looking for a certain feeling/*honesty* in music!!

I just realised that we know each other for almost 20 years!! With each step (band/release) I think you came closer to your *real you in music* (if that makes sense in english) and Monkey is the *best* so far!!!

Don Campau, No Pigeonholes // KKUP; Cupertino, CA (Oct 14, 2006)

What a great album, your best easily I'd say and I am a big fan of your last work. The production, execution, and musicianship is ultra tasty and alive. The songs themselves are top notch.

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