Toronto, ON Canada

Bio: This power trio hailing from Toronto is comprised of frontman Nick Mazzei, bassist Kevin Bailey and drummer Pete Maniatis. Growing up in the big city and coming from three culturally distinct backgrounds, the group has found a way to intertwine their diverse musical influences, inspired by the one thing they love the most... kick ass rock! The end result speaks for itself as great success followed the '05 release of their debut album "Lost in the Soul Deposit". The band took first prize in the USA songwriting competition in '06 for alternative rock, had their video added to rotation on MUCH MUSIC'S MUCH LOUD in the fall of '07, and had their song "Never You" chosen to be part of the musical score in an episode of the hit T.V. series "SHARK" starring James Woods. Other notable achievements include co-producing/performing the opening theme song for the reality based T.V. show "Crash Addicts" on the Outdoor Life Network, and most recently being featured in the Vin Diesel video game "Wheelman" by Midway Games, to be released in the fall of '08. Taking their experience and confidence into the studio in early spring 2008, the band set out to put their songwriting/producing skills into motion to record their second album, a collection of 12 masterfully crafted, super-catchy songs. Poised to build off the success and critical acclaim of LITSD, ALL THE BRIGHTNESS get set to unveil their latest effort, "Destiny Weeps" due for release in the summer of 2008.
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